Sunday, March 28, 2010

March 28th

Today is my sweet husband's birthday. If you read my anniversary post, then you already know I think I married the most amazing guy ever. Because I've already done a lot of bragging on him, I am just going to wish for Patrick the perfect birthday. Since I am too poor to make all of this a reality, the blog will have to do. So...Patrick, if I could give you the perfect day, it would go something like this:

You would wake up in your favorite city: Boston.
It would be the most beautiful day...sunny and 65 degrees, and you would have an awesome 6 mile or so run along side the river, watching all the sailboats pass by. Then we (you, me, and the girls) would head over to some yummy breakfast place and gorge ourselves on pancakes and lots and lots of bacon. Yum! (Your perfect day will probably include a lot of food, obviously.) Then, we would head over to some park and just relax in the beautiful outdoors...letting our food settle. Then we would probably go to some nerdy museum that we both would totally love and spend an insane amount of time looking at everything.

Next....just because I love you so much, we would head to the nearest Steak Escape.

After your favorite lunch spot, we would go to any sporting event you like. I know baseball isn't your most favorite, but I also know that you would love to go to Fenway Park and watch a game. (Oh, please for the sake of this blog, let that be the name of the park in Boston--oh, it Wrigley's?-well, whatever.)

After that, we drop the kiddies off with my parents (who are conveniently in Boston to babysit), and we go eat at the BEST restaurant. I have no idea what this restaurant is called. All I know is you order New England Clam Chowder for an appetizer. (You didn't think I'd let us spend a perfect day in Boston without your favorite soup, did you?)

The main course. Lobster and steak. Need I say more??
I won't blog about our dessert. Haha!:)

I hope you enjoyed your birthday via the internet. I hope one day we can actually live it out. I love you so very much. Every moment with you is a blessing, and every year of your life, I love you more. God willing, I will love you when you're old and bald (which might be sooner than later-boo!) I will love you when you are 90, and I am still a spring chicken at a mere 85. I will
love you when we do wake up in Boston one day. I love you every morning I wake up beside you, right here in Southaven. I am blessed beyond measure to have you as a husband, and I am so thankful to God for making you 32 years ago today.

*On a side note, stupid blogger is totally messing up the way my post looks with the pictures and words. And I can't fix it. Ugh!


  1. You know me all too well! That would be a wonderful day, although spending it with my three girls anywhere would be pretty perfect.

    I love you,

  2. Happy Birthday Patrick!! Or, Happy Belated Birthday!!

    This was a great post Corrie! And yes, It is Fenway in Boston. Wrigley is for the Chicago Cubs.

  3. Happy birthday patty!!! Can I come to Boston too??? I sorta think that we should take all major trips together since we always have.. only fair.. haha. But seriously, Boston is next! Such a cute sweet post cor

  4. When are we going to Boston? And quit acting like going bald is such a big deal!