Monday, August 23, 2010

The Liberation of Organization

Hello blog-readers!! Did you think we fell off the face of the earth? I know, I's been too long. I'm sure you were sitting on pins and needles, just waiting on the next post ;) There has been a LOT going on lately, and we've both been busy (or sick). I'll let Anna update on more details. Anyway, I thought I'd just drop in and say hi to everyone. I think I'll just fill you in on what's going on in my world. It's really not that exciting.

First up, we got cable!! Yes, television cable. We were hooking up the internet, and since dumb Comcast is the only one that runs lines to our neighborhood, we had to get basic cable. No frills. We were supposed to pick up only about ten channels, but when we switched, we ended up getting about 75!! This is the first time in seven years we have had more than seven channels. We don't watch a TON of television, and what we do enjoy comes on network tv. But now my whole world has been opened up to the beauty (and pitfalls) of a LOT of programs. I have discovered that there are MANY times when there is STILL nothing good to watch. I just grab a book and read instead. But I have to say, I am loving Discovery Channel, TLC, and HGTV. The Cake Boss is amazing. Even Patrick loves it. We also got to participate in SHARK WEEK!! Can I get a WOOHOO?!? I'm somewhat (okay, very) obsessed with The Little Couple. I love them. If I were a little person and Bill was single....okay, there, I said it. Patrick is enjoying a few sports channels. He will REALLY be excited in a few weeks when college football starts. I, however, can cry now just thinking of it. We also like Mythbusters. Okay, that's all I am going to say about television. It probably sounds like that's all we do now. Not true. Just maybe a little more true than, say, two months ago. :)

The other thing I have been doing lately is methodically going through my house and organizing each and every room, drawer, closet....etc. Okay, I should back up here and say that I have been fetching the vacuum, various boxes, and cleaning supplies while my friend, Hollie, has been working away to make my home clutter-free! I am not really a pack rat (cough, cough, Anna and Patrick), but I am just not that good at organizing. Sure, there are areas I do okay with it. When I was in school, my work was very organized. But somehow, it didn't translate to my closets. And when Hollie saw them (after a minor stroke), she decided something had to be done. We started in the pantry and fridge, then went to the laundry room, the kitchen, my bedroom, my closet, entertainment's been weeks of organizing. I'm telling you, the girl has a gift for it. I promise my house has gained all kinds of square footage. I know, you're probably thinking..."this will never last." But something amazing has happened in this process. She made a place for every little thing, and I now WANT to keep it that way!! Hooray!! So...where as in the past, I would blow dry my hair and then leave my blow-dryer plugged in (because I would be using it again tomorrow), I now just go put it in it's little drawer! It takes ten seconds. And my house looks so much cleaner! AAHHHHH!!! It's is truly freeing and liberating. I've also discovered that when everything is put where it goes, then it takes no time to actually clean. You probably all already know this. I'm just 27 years figuring it out. Thanks, Hollie!

There are some other things going on that I will blog about soon. But this one is getting long...and probably boring. Oh!! Coming up soon: I saw a show on my beloved TLC, and I really, really feel that somehow they got some information on me and put it into Untold Stories of the ER. I am currently trying to figure out how to make some kind of money off of this. I just KNOW they used my story.