Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

In honor of this crazy fun holiday- I felt the need to write a blog.. Finally! Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. Maybe because I feel like it is the kick start to the whole holiday season-- the best time of the year! Maybe because it is in the middle of the fall-my favorite season. Or maybe I am still too much of a kid and I LOVE the fun decor, parties, and candy. Yeah, probably that.
Anyway, it is a wonder I even like this holiday. I am somewhat surprised I don't despise it based on Halloweens past! You see, most youngsters put much thought into their costume... some even think on it all year long. Then, finally the day comes where they get to actually BE their heroes. Cinderella, Robin Hood, Spiderman, cheerleaders, football players, rock stars, etc...
Growing up in my house, it was different story. All of the "cool" costumes were no where near original enough for my eccentric mother. Never did we wear a store-bought costume! Every other kid would be wearing those. Mom spent many hours picking out and putting together our costumes every year. It didn't matter if we were cute as long as we were the funniest little ones walking around. Actually, it didn't matter if I was cute so long as I was funny. Somehow, every year, Corrie got to be the cute one and me- the funny one (for the most part).
Let me just give you some examples to back my argument up:

Corrie- Dorthy
Me- Auntie Em

Corrie- Scarlet
Mom- Rhett Butler
Me- Ms. Prissy (Scarlet's maid)... also, I must add, I had to go to every door and say, "Oh Ms. Scarlet, I don't know nothin bout birthin no babies"-- I was five.

My best friend- Raggedy Ann
Me- Andy

My best friend- a pumpkin
Me- Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater

Me- The Wrinkle Fairy... dressed up like a really old lady with gray hair, a pillow butt, and bags of "crows feet" and "cellulite" (I didn't even know what those things were at that age!)

Corrie- Al from Home Improvement
Me- Wilson from Home Improvement

Despite all of the crazy costumes- I never did mind it. Okay-- when I had to wear panty hose on my head for a wig and then someone took off my wig and I was just a panty hose-head, I did cry. But other than that... I still loved it all.
And now as an adult, I'm not scared to just be "the funny one" and not the popular "sexy one"
(as I have recently been Michael Phelp's mom and Meredith from The Office).

Whatever character you may be this year, I hope you have a fun, safe, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!