Friday, December 3, 2010

Pregnancy Blog!

Well, I decided it was time I do a pregnancy blog. Having been in such a state for almost 7.5 months now, I just feel like I have so much to contribute to the subject!

I feel GREAT now that I am not sick. I really hate to complain about anything now because nothing will compare to those first 5 months. I know I haven't made it to the miserable end yet- but I am convinced there could not be misery so bad as the beginning. So here is my take on this whole pregnancy thing so far--

1. It is hardly fun until around month 5.
Not only because one might be puking all day, every day for the first 5 months, but also because you don't really feel pregnant! I mean, you feel different- for sure- just not pregnant. Instantly, the chest area will grow and be INSANELY sore, probably your face will start breaking out, you are tired even though you've only been up for 2 hours, and your emotions were always on high alert. Other than that, you can't SEE that you are pregnant- you are hardly showing- but definitely looking and feeling fatter. Your regular clothes start to look a little worse on you, but you are no where near needing maternity clothes. And the very worst (now that I know the preciousness of it) is you can't feel your baby move.

2. Welcome month 5!
You feel that little flutter- you probably start wearing maternity clothes- you aren't so sick anymore- you are less tired- you start to see that sweet baby bump- your skin starts improving- you get to find out what you are having- emotions still crazy- but everything is MUCH better! You start to actually look and feel pregnant! And with that comes all the wonderful attention you receive as a pregnant lady. I love this part of it, and I will milk it for all it's worth. It only lasts a short time!

3. Movement is the BEST
Feeling this baby girl move is the best part of my day, everyday. It is definitely a wonderful way I get to bond with her before she makes her appearance into this world. Sometimes, only I can feel it, and sometimes she gives a huge kick that makes me literally laugh out loud every time she does it! I can't help but thank my God every time I feel it. It is a reminder to me of the precious miracle that He has given us.

4. No matter how many times I have to do it, I will never be good at peeing in a cup.
I do need to know-- Am I the only one with this problem?! I mean, you would think that after MONTHS of doing this at every Dr. visit, I could do it like a pro. But nope. Not me. I hate that part of the visit.

5. While I'm on that subject- the nastiest place has to be the obgyn's bathroom.
All I can think of when I am in there is that people are coming in DIRECT contact with their urine every time this bathroom is used. And I doubt everyone is as sanitary as me. Enough said. Yuck.

6. I LOVE hearing that sweet heartbeat.
I look forward to the Dr. visit every month (and now every two weeks!). Her heartbeat is the sweetest sound to me- and I pray for her little heart daily.

7. I've already mentioned it-- but the attention is nice- for the most part.
I enjoy people being extra courteous. I am feeling less and less attractive these days (even though I do have a goal to keep my hair looking good over the next few months), so I love all the sweet comments/compliments. I haven't had any crazy people tell me weird things yet- although I am sure that is coming. I have heard some funny/insane stories from others.

8. Um... My back hurts!
I have some lower back pain like no other! And there is NO relief! I can't seem to pop it. There is a place on my back when I bend over that KILLS. And it just hurts pretty much always. I also don't like having to sleep on my side. I am not normally a side sleeper, and it is the only way I can now. My back hurts, and now my hips hurt from sleeping on them.

9. Surely all this weight gain is from fluid, right?
Seriously though, I am swollen. I'm out of my wedding ring, and my socks leave a WEIRD, huge ring around my legs every night. My cute feet are not as cute anymore. My toes kind of look like sausages. NOT cute!

10. Every day that passes is one day closer to seeing her precious face! This second phase of pregnancy has been fun- but I CANNOT WAIT for the end! Since the beginning, I have been so ready to meet her! If I love her this much already, I can't wait to know the connection we will have when she is here. I also can't wait to see Nathan with his little girl! He is going to be the best!

Last one- I can't wait for my showers!!!!!! I'm all about the baby stuff now!