Friday, December 3, 2010

Pregnancy Blog!

Well, I decided it was time I do a pregnancy blog. Having been in such a state for almost 7.5 months now, I just feel like I have so much to contribute to the subject!

I feel GREAT now that I am not sick. I really hate to complain about anything now because nothing will compare to those first 5 months. I know I haven't made it to the miserable end yet- but I am convinced there could not be misery so bad as the beginning. So here is my take on this whole pregnancy thing so far--

1. It is hardly fun until around month 5.
Not only because one might be puking all day, every day for the first 5 months, but also because you don't really feel pregnant! I mean, you feel different- for sure- just not pregnant. Instantly, the chest area will grow and be INSANELY sore, probably your face will start breaking out, you are tired even though you've only been up for 2 hours, and your emotions were always on high alert. Other than that, you can't SEE that you are pregnant- you are hardly showing- but definitely looking and feeling fatter. Your regular clothes start to look a little worse on you, but you are no where near needing maternity clothes. And the very worst (now that I know the preciousness of it) is you can't feel your baby move.

2. Welcome month 5!
You feel that little flutter- you probably start wearing maternity clothes- you aren't so sick anymore- you are less tired- you start to see that sweet baby bump- your skin starts improving- you get to find out what you are having- emotions still crazy- but everything is MUCH better! You start to actually look and feel pregnant! And with that comes all the wonderful attention you receive as a pregnant lady. I love this part of it, and I will milk it for all it's worth. It only lasts a short time!

3. Movement is the BEST
Feeling this baby girl move is the best part of my day, everyday. It is definitely a wonderful way I get to bond with her before she makes her appearance into this world. Sometimes, only I can feel it, and sometimes she gives a huge kick that makes me literally laugh out loud every time she does it! I can't help but thank my God every time I feel it. It is a reminder to me of the precious miracle that He has given us.

4. No matter how many times I have to do it, I will never be good at peeing in a cup.
I do need to know-- Am I the only one with this problem?! I mean, you would think that after MONTHS of doing this at every Dr. visit, I could do it like a pro. But nope. Not me. I hate that part of the visit.

5. While I'm on that subject- the nastiest place has to be the obgyn's bathroom.
All I can think of when I am in there is that people are coming in DIRECT contact with their urine every time this bathroom is used. And I doubt everyone is as sanitary as me. Enough said. Yuck.

6. I LOVE hearing that sweet heartbeat.
I look forward to the Dr. visit every month (and now every two weeks!). Her heartbeat is the sweetest sound to me- and I pray for her little heart daily.

7. I've already mentioned it-- but the attention is nice- for the most part.
I enjoy people being extra courteous. I am feeling less and less attractive these days (even though I do have a goal to keep my hair looking good over the next few months), so I love all the sweet comments/compliments. I haven't had any crazy people tell me weird things yet- although I am sure that is coming. I have heard some funny/insane stories from others.

8. Um... My back hurts!
I have some lower back pain like no other! And there is NO relief! I can't seem to pop it. There is a place on my back when I bend over that KILLS. And it just hurts pretty much always. I also don't like having to sleep on my side. I am not normally a side sleeper, and it is the only way I can now. My back hurts, and now my hips hurt from sleeping on them.

9. Surely all this weight gain is from fluid, right?
Seriously though, I am swollen. I'm out of my wedding ring, and my socks leave a WEIRD, huge ring around my legs every night. My cute feet are not as cute anymore. My toes kind of look like sausages. NOT cute!

10. Every day that passes is one day closer to seeing her precious face! This second phase of pregnancy has been fun- but I CANNOT WAIT for the end! Since the beginning, I have been so ready to meet her! If I love her this much already, I can't wait to know the connection we will have when she is here. I also can't wait to see Nathan with his little girl! He is going to be the best!

Last one- I can't wait for my showers!!!!!! I'm all about the baby stuff now!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Five years!?!

Five sweet years ago today, I found out I was going to be a mommy! I cannot believe it has been that long since I first saw those two little pink lines. That moment was such a special time that I will never forget. I squealed, jumped up and down, cried, and rejoiced. And that was just a small glimpse of all the joy that my precious baby would bring to my life. And then I got to experience the excitement again two and half years later! Sometimes when I look at my family, I think "why me, God?" Why did You choose to bless me so richly? I have done nothing to deserve any of it. And yet, I am blessed beyond measure. It is so humbling and overwhelming at times. The first moment I held my babies was such a powerful reminder of how much my heavenly father loves me. When they were born, they had done nothing to "deserve" my love. They were helpless, needed everything from me, and had not much to offer in return. In fact, they had kinda made me quite sick at times for the last nine months. Yet when I held those girls, I loved them more intensely and quickly than I had ever loved anyone. I loved them because they were mine. And to think...God loves me even more than that...just because I am His! Isn't that amazing?

Besides showing me love on a whole new level, being a mom has taught me and changed me more than anything else. It has been such a fun and full five years! (yes, I am counting from the time I found out I was pregnant...) I thought I would share ten things I've learned or discovered about motherhood as I reflect back today.

1. There is pretty much nothing sweeter in the world than rocking a clean, lotioned up baby in their little pajamas. I love singing and rocking my girls nightly. I still rock Lily. She's four. I plan to continue this until high school. Patrick and I have to take turns, or we would argue about it. :)

2. When I first held Lily and Evie, I thought "there is nothing they can ever do that will frustrate me or make me mad" and "I'll never lose my patience with this precious baby.", wrong.

3. If I don't depend upon the Lord, I will lose my patience all.of.the.time. I pray about this a lot. And He gives me many, many chances to work on it ;) Basically, to be the mom I want to be, my focus cannot be on my children. It must be on God. The rest will come naturally. And this is an everyday thing/struggle on which I need to work.

4. My kids poop really doesn't smell as bad as other kids'. I have the weakest stomach ever. So either my gag reflex has been fortified, or my children smell like roses.

5. I know not everyone is cut out to be a stay at home mom, but I really feel like I was born to do it. I love it. I am SO thankful that I am able to, and I love, love spending all day, every day with my children. That's not to say everyday is "wonderful" or even close, but I wouldn't trade it for the world.

6. Having a cookie or a piece of candy will NOT, in fact, kill my children.

7. It's best if their daddy never dresses them unless I lay out the clothes. This has been proven time and time again. He's amazing at just about every aspect of parenting but not this one. :)

8. Having two kids is not double the trouble. It's like...quadruple. Something about going from one to two ROCKED MY WORLD.

9. Just like having two is wayyyy more trouble, it is has been four times the fun. There is no sweeter sound than that of my girls laughing and playing together. Watching them become best friends brings me endless joy!

10. It all goes too fast. Do I really have a four year old? Is my baby really almost two?? It seems like yesterday I was rocking them to sleep....wait, it was yesterday. But you know what I mean. They are little for such a short, short time. I don't want to waste a second of it. I cherish everyday that I get to spend with them. I know a day is coming when they would probably rather be with friends. Until then, I want to live each day to the fullest...just being their mommy. Their playmate. Their teacher. Their friend. Their cuddle-bug. Their boo boo kisser. And yes, even their little booty wiper:) This stage of their life (and of mine) will be over in the blink of an eye.

Thank you, Lord, for trusting me with your two precious little girls. Thank you for the gift of motherhood. Thank you for each day I get to spend with them. I truly love it...

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

In honor of this crazy fun holiday- I felt the need to write a blog.. Finally! Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. Maybe because I feel like it is the kick start to the whole holiday season-- the best time of the year! Maybe because it is in the middle of the fall-my favorite season. Or maybe I am still too much of a kid and I LOVE the fun decor, parties, and candy. Yeah, probably that.
Anyway, it is a wonder I even like this holiday. I am somewhat surprised I don't despise it based on Halloweens past! You see, most youngsters put much thought into their costume... some even think on it all year long. Then, finally the day comes where they get to actually BE their heroes. Cinderella, Robin Hood, Spiderman, cheerleaders, football players, rock stars, etc...
Growing up in my house, it was different story. All of the "cool" costumes were no where near original enough for my eccentric mother. Never did we wear a store-bought costume! Every other kid would be wearing those. Mom spent many hours picking out and putting together our costumes every year. It didn't matter if we were cute as long as we were the funniest little ones walking around. Actually, it didn't matter if I was cute so long as I was funny. Somehow, every year, Corrie got to be the cute one and me- the funny one (for the most part).
Let me just give you some examples to back my argument up:

Corrie- Dorthy
Me- Auntie Em

Corrie- Scarlet
Mom- Rhett Butler
Me- Ms. Prissy (Scarlet's maid)... also, I must add, I had to go to every door and say, "Oh Ms. Scarlet, I don't know nothin bout birthin no babies"-- I was five.

My best friend- Raggedy Ann
Me- Andy

My best friend- a pumpkin
Me- Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater

Me- The Wrinkle Fairy... dressed up like a really old lady with gray hair, a pillow butt, and bags of "crows feet" and "cellulite" (I didn't even know what those things were at that age!)

Corrie- Al from Home Improvement
Me- Wilson from Home Improvement

Despite all of the crazy costumes- I never did mind it. Okay-- when I had to wear panty hose on my head for a wig and then someone took off my wig and I was just a panty hose-head, I did cry. But other than that... I still loved it all.
And now as an adult, I'm not scared to just be "the funny one" and not the popular "sexy one"
(as I have recently been Michael Phelp's mom and Meredith from The Office).

Whatever character you may be this year, I hope you have a fun, safe, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Oh, Baby!

I haven't blogged in so long... I have thought about it many times, but just couldn't do it. For the past 5 months (well, ok really 4) I have been very sick. As most of you are aware- I have been sick for good reason! I am expecting a little one on February 17, 2011. Nathan and I weren't even trying to have a baby, but through God's graciousness, He saw it fit to bless us with a wonderful surprise! We weren't even sure of our chances of conceiving. I have had "issues" since puberty- but more so- Nathan was diganosed with and treated for testicular cancer 3 years ago. GOD IS SO GOOD! And even though this came as a complete shock- and even though it took a minute to get used to the fact that I am pregnant... I couldn't be happier! I will be 20 weeks this Thursday, and we find out the sex of the baby TOMORROW (Tuesday)!!!!! I probably won't even be able to sleep tonight, I am so excited! And even though I am just ready to know what we are having, I am more anxious to hear that the baby is wonderfully perfect!

As I mentioned before, I have been very sick. This has been the hardest 4 months of my life! I started throwing up the day I turned 6 weeks, and I am still getting sick! In the beginning, I lost 8 lbs. due to how sick I was. I have made that weight up though- haha! I am not nearly as sick as I was just a few short weeks ago, and I am so very thankful for that! I have hyperemesis gravidarum, and unless you have been there and have been that sick (which many of you have), you just have no idea of the level of suffering. I know there are a lot of people in this world that have truly debilitating diseases that cause a lot of suffering, and I am not at all trying to say what I have is worse. Completely separate from that- I'm just saying- it has been rough! But at least I have a wondeful bright light at the end of the tunnel! Now, I am not bringing all of this up to have a pity party.. and I am quite sick of complaining about it (haha), but I am just wanting to bring you up to date.
On a brighter note, I have been feeling a little bit of movement for about two weeks now. It is not all of the time- but occasionally it will happen. Every time it does, I am amazed that there is something alive inside of me! It makes me feel like I am the only perosn on earth that has ever experienced something that special!

Don't worry fellow blog readers, this blog is not about to become a pregnancy/baby/family blog- we plan to write as usual (except hopefully a little more often!), but I will share any funny/special stories that this experience may bring to my life!

I will ask now for a special prayer tonight for my little one. First and foremost, please pray for a healthy baby to be shown on the ultrasound tomorrow. Secondly, pray that this baby will cooperate, and we will be able to catch a glimpse between those sweet little baby legs!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I need help, advice, tips...whatever you call it. Patrick and I are going to Disney World in two and a half weeks. We have been SO excited about this trip! We are actually going without our kids...I know, I know. Who goes to Disney World without their kids? Isn't it made for kids?? Well, we are basically twelve years old at heart, so it's actually quite fitting. We've been wanting to get away (just the two of us) and take a little mini-vacation. Everything we came up with just paled in comparison to the glorious fun that is Disney. So...we booked it and haven't regretted our decision on the place at all. I would like to add that we are planning on taking the kids in a year for a big, huge vacation with my whole family. Can't wait!! We are telling ourselves that we're just going to "check it out" for everyone. haha:)

Anyway, back to needing advice. You see, the closer we get to leaving, the more anxious I am getting about leaving the girls. I have been ridiculously looking forward to this, and now all I can think about is how much I am going to miss them. We will be gone four nights, and I've never ever been away from them for more than a night. (Well, Lily went to Alabama with my mom for two nights, and that was tough!) So...I need some words of wisdom from my friends who have been on a mini-vacation without their kids. Will I have fun?? Or will I miss them terribly and be miserable?? Is there anything I can do to help me NOT sob the whole time? Does it get easier each time? I know this probably all sounds silly. I mean, it is only four nights.'s our first time. And I really love my girls:) So, please...give this nervous mother some encouragement!! If you read this and do not have kids, any tips on Disney World would be appreciated too. Favorite restaurants? Best rides? Skip this? Don't miss that? I'm desperate for some sort of feedback.

Thanks for reading, and thank you for the words of wisdom that I just KNOW you will leave me:) And now I leave you with these two adorable little faces: Can you see why I'm not looking forward to leaving these babies?? Oh, I love them so!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

I love my first friend!!

Due to how very sick I have been, I am late on a very important blog! I will be blogging about all that goodness in a later post (no promises to when because it is REALLY hard for me to even look at a computer these days).

I missed Corrie's birthday blog.. a while ago. It was not forgotten about. In fact, I had been excited all year to write her birthday blog. But I missed it :( Not on purpose, but I still missed it. Before I can write another single blog about anything, and although it is not her birthday anymore, I still want to say a word about my first friend. I knew it would kind of be a hard one for me to write because it is hard to say how much I love her- and the reasons why.

She is my best friend. All of my life (even when we were fighting like crazy as teens) I have looked up to Corrie. To me, she, almost always, knows best. She has, almost always, done what is right. She truly was my first friend. We have always been very close, but there were a few years (those preteen and teenage years) that I highly doubted we would ever be best friends. But as the years went by and as we both matured, we became super close. I can't even remember the last time we argued. And now, there is not a day that goes by that I don't talk to her at least 3 times. Most days, I even get to see her! I have so much fun with her every time we are together- even if we are just sitting on her couch talking. It never gets old or boring. And it is our dream to live next to each other... hopefully that dream will come true sooner rather than later :)

She is so wise. I know that I can go to her for the best, most God-centered advice- always with my best interest at heart. She isn't scared to tell me things she knows I will not want to hear. She is the best mediator when I am upset in situations involving others.

She is the best mom. I adore watching her with her girls. Luckily, we had a wonderful mom growing up that taught us well. But now that Nathan and I are so close to parenthood, I pay close attention to the details of parenting. Corrie (and Patrick) are such awesome role models in that area. I ask Corrie all the time if she cares if I copy an idea. I am literally writing them down. I am constantly impressed with her.

She is a godly woman. Again, in every aspect of her life: marriage, motherhood, friendships, etc.. she shows God's love in an awesome way. There is no doubt who comes first in their household! I love that we can talk about all that stuff together! -- it is so encouraging and it keeps me held accountable! I love it!

She is so fun. She is crazy and so funny and a little nerdy. haha. She always makes me laugh. Sometimes, I am laughing at her... but laughing nonetheless!

So.. in a nutshell. I love my first friend! I just wanted to post a short little note about her greatness :) I think she is great- and anyone privileged enough to know her loves her too! You just can't not.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sorry...but it's my blog, so I can

Hey blog readers! Okay, so we decided to sale our house. We're going to try the FSBO route for a few weeks before actually listing it. So...yes, I am about to post a link for all of you to view a few pics of my house. I realize that probably no one that reads this is going to buy our home, but I'm going to give this "for sale by owner" thing my best effort. Besides, if someone comes soon...we can certainly negotiate a little more if we don't have to pay a realtor a large chunk of our cash. So people, if ANYONE you know is interested, please give me a call or send me a message!! Okay, that's all of the soliciting I will ever do on this blog. I promise. I think. Unless I need to again... Oh, and if anyone brings me a buyer without a realtor involved, I promise you I will literally give you a thousand dollars. We are willing to co-op with a realtor if necessary, though. However, I cannot guarantee $1000 at that time. :) Okay, I'm shutting up.

Check us out! Have a GREAT labor day weekend! I know I will as we make small, but necessary, improvements to our house :/

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Liberation of Organization

Hello blog-readers!! Did you think we fell off the face of the earth? I know, I's been too long. I'm sure you were sitting on pins and needles, just waiting on the next post ;) There has been a LOT going on lately, and we've both been busy (or sick). I'll let Anna update on more details. Anyway, I thought I'd just drop in and say hi to everyone. I think I'll just fill you in on what's going on in my world. It's really not that exciting.

First up, we got cable!! Yes, television cable. We were hooking up the internet, and since dumb Comcast is the only one that runs lines to our neighborhood, we had to get basic cable. No frills. We were supposed to pick up only about ten channels, but when we switched, we ended up getting about 75!! This is the first time in seven years we have had more than seven channels. We don't watch a TON of television, and what we do enjoy comes on network tv. But now my whole world has been opened up to the beauty (and pitfalls) of a LOT of programs. I have discovered that there are MANY times when there is STILL nothing good to watch. I just grab a book and read instead. But I have to say, I am loving Discovery Channel, TLC, and HGTV. The Cake Boss is amazing. Even Patrick loves it. We also got to participate in SHARK WEEK!! Can I get a WOOHOO?!? I'm somewhat (okay, very) obsessed with The Little Couple. I love them. If I were a little person and Bill was single....okay, there, I said it. Patrick is enjoying a few sports channels. He will REALLY be excited in a few weeks when college football starts. I, however, can cry now just thinking of it. We also like Mythbusters. Okay, that's all I am going to say about television. It probably sounds like that's all we do now. Not true. Just maybe a little more true than, say, two months ago. :)

The other thing I have been doing lately is methodically going through my house and organizing each and every room, drawer, closet....etc. Okay, I should back up here and say that I have been fetching the vacuum, various boxes, and cleaning supplies while my friend, Hollie, has been working away to make my home clutter-free! I am not really a pack rat (cough, cough, Anna and Patrick), but I am just not that good at organizing. Sure, there are areas I do okay with it. When I was in school, my work was very organized. But somehow, it didn't translate to my closets. And when Hollie saw them (after a minor stroke), she decided something had to be done. We started in the pantry and fridge, then went to the laundry room, the kitchen, my bedroom, my closet, entertainment's been weeks of organizing. I'm telling you, the girl has a gift for it. I promise my house has gained all kinds of square footage. I know, you're probably thinking..."this will never last." But something amazing has happened in this process. She made a place for every little thing, and I now WANT to keep it that way!! Hooray!! So...where as in the past, I would blow dry my hair and then leave my blow-dryer plugged in (because I would be using it again tomorrow), I now just go put it in it's little drawer! It takes ten seconds. And my house looks so much cleaner! AAHHHHH!!! It's is truly freeing and liberating. I've also discovered that when everything is put where it goes, then it takes no time to actually clean. You probably all already know this. I'm just 27 years figuring it out. Thanks, Hollie!

There are some other things going on that I will blog about soon. But this one is getting long...and probably boring. Oh!! Coming up soon: I saw a show on my beloved TLC, and I really, really feel that somehow they got some information on me and put it into Untold Stories of the ER. I am currently trying to figure out how to make some kind of money off of this. I just KNOW they used my story.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

One week ago, my sweet Lily turned four years old. I cannot believe it has been four years since I first met my little girl. I am so grateful to have a happy, healthy, and growing four year old. But it all seems to be going too fast!!

Lily, you are such a joy to this family. I love your little personality. You say the funniest and most clever things. You have the best laugh. I love your tender heart and sweet, sweet spirit. You are such a sensitive and compassionate child. I know God will use that in great ways. I love the way you love your sister. You have more patience with that cute little stinker than any four year old should. I love that your favorite color is yellow. It's not pink (although you do like pink), but it's yellow that is your "very most favorite." I love how you get excited over the smallest things. You show such sweet gratitude over any size gift. I love that after two and half years, you STILL love lions. I'm pretty sure this holds a record for childhood fascinations. You "growl" at us daily. I love that you can put on your Snow White dress and go play in the mud. It doesn't bother you a bit. I love that you have decided beetle bugs are nice and worthy of love. You stroke their backs like you would a dog. I do not love it when you ask me to do the same. I love your fondness for running. I have a hard time keeping up with you. This obviously came from your daddy. I love the way you model every outfit for your daddy. You always expect him to rave on how beautiful you look. He always does. I love your big, beautiful brown eyes. They are so full of expression. Everywhere we go, someone compliments you on them. I think it's because they are so full of life. I love watching you grow, play, and learn. These past four years have been the best of my life. You are an amazing little girl, and I am so thankful that God chose me to be your mommy. Happy Birthday, my precious Lily-bean!

The day after my Lily turned four, another friend of mine celebrated her birthday. I have to take a minute to love on my friend, Hollie. Two years ago, we were looking for a church home. It was not a very fun process. At the same time, I was praying that God would send some friends that were in the same place in life that I was...staying home, raising a family. He led us to a church we love where I met Hollie the first Sunday. She was back in the nursery with her ridiculously cute little boy, and I was back there rocking my cute (but screaming) little Evie. We hit it off, and a year and half later, I am so grateful to call her one of my closest friends. I think we spent the majority of that first morning talking about our hypochondriac tendencies. We're both a little "crazy", and it was so nice to finally have a friend who relates but can keep me in check. "No, Corrie, you do not have malaria. But do you think I might have lupus?" Yes, we're ridiculous. Anyway, Hollie is just the best. She is the most giving, serving person I know. She would give you the shirt off her back. She is the kind of friend that comes early to a party to help you set up and then stays long after everyone leaves to help mop your floor. She watches the girls for me sometimes, and I think everytime I've come home, she has cleaned a room in my house. She's organized my fridge, the girls' room, the toy room, cleaned my floors, my kitchen...and we're working on my laundry room now. She's amazing. But if she never did any of that, she still would be just as great. She is such a good listener, gives good advice, and we have a blast together. I know we will be friends for life. She's also an awesome work-out buddy...when I show up:) I am so thankful God answered my prayers in Hollie. Happy Birthday to my gorgeous, faithful, and fun friend! And also the future mother-in-law to Evie pea-pod:)! I sure love you!

* I would like to say that we have been slacking in the blogging. But we have some fun blogs planned. Coming up: my moth story!! But make sure to read Anna's blog tomorrow. It's soooo good! You won't want to miss it!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Three in One

Ok, so it has been a busy summer. That should be no excuse. It has been REALLY busy the past two weeks. Still bad excuse. There are three precious people in my life- and I missed their Birthday Blessings blog. I think the best excuse is this--- their birthdays all fell in the same week! And I have been a bit under the weather lately- and I got behind- and missed their blog. So here goes- three in one (in the order of their birthday).

(I know, one of them is my sweet husband-I'm so bad.) I actually won't spend too much time on him because I just wrote him a sweet blog here for our anniversary. I will just say, I love him so, so much, and while I haven't been feeling well- he has been amazing! And this year, he was so wonderful about his small gift of candy and a card... but I can't wait to spoil him on his day. Hopefully I can do that next year! Nathan- I love you much, and I am very excited about our upcoming year :)

Jessica P-
Jessica and I go way back... I met Jess on the church bus one Tuesday after school (we were on our way to children's choir at Carriage Hills). Funny thing- our friendship started on a lie. She had a suitcase (that she had used for a project at school), but she told me she was packing up and going to Hawaii right after choir. And in my 4th grade brain- I believed her. I saw her at school the next day, and she told me that she did in fact go to Hawaii but was back already. Oh Jessica. haha. For some reason, I liked her- and we became fast friends. Her family was like my second family (and vice versa). We were together all the time. She came to Alabama with me to visit grandparents and I went with her whole family to the lake.. frequently. By the end of a week, we would be fighting like sisters and ready to be away from each other. One day would pass and we would be back at each other's house. We have been through so much together. Elementary, middle, and high school, countless friends, boyfriends, family issues, jobs together, college years, life after college, my wedding, a tattoo (lol)... everything. And she is still my best friend to this day. Jessica just might be the most interesting person I know. She can be shy (especially when we were younger)- and yet she is very opinionated and blunt. She is one of the smartest people I know. The girl can look over material for a test ten minutes before taking it (in college-getting her doctorate) and pass the heck out of it! She is an avid reader- and she loves movies. If you ask her if she has read a certain book or watched a certain movie- there is a really good chance she has. I love that about her. She has great taste in clothing and home decor- but she is definitely most comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt. Also, she has the tinest hands and feet of any grown person I know. She could (and has before) shop in the kids' shoe department. It's cute. Another thing I love about Jess is that she is really good to go to when seeking advice. She is so logical and godly, and anyone that knows her is drawn to her advice! Jessica is also very funny and so much fun to be around. She will look at you- straight faced- and say something so mean. Of course, you have to know her to know she is so kidding- but I think it is hilarious! She is most definitely the opposite of mean. She is so sweet. I think she is too sweet to people sometimes! She will do anything- anything you ask her to do. She is much more selfless than I am. I think Jessica is the best- and I am so lucky to have her as a best friend for 15+ years! We have so many fun-fun memories, and I am just glad we are still so close to create many, many more! Jess- I love you, and I am sorry your blog is so late! :)

Melanie (my sister-in-law) is such a fun person. I admire her so much. I have been around her since she was in middle school, and it has been fun (and interesting) to watch her grow up to become the young woman she is now. I say interesting because, with Melanie, it is always interesting. She is so unique- such her own person. She has her own, cute style, her own thoughts and ideas about everything. She has the cutest little figure, and she dresses in a way that makes her personality shine. As I am typing this- I am finding it hard to even put in to words to express her sweet uniqueness (in a very good way)! She is so much fun to be around- and that is evident because I have never seen a girl with so many friends-- You should see the size of all her birthday parties! One thing I love about Mel though is that she stays true to her beliefs. She was never really a teenager you worried about. She was (and is) very strong in her faith, and now she is a wonderful role model to so many young girls. Oh, I almost forgot-- she is a great actress! I have seen several of her plays, and I am always very impressed with her abilities!! She just might be famous some day. I am excited to see what her future holds because I know she will be great at whatever she does! Mel-I love you and your crazy self! I truly do think you're awesome! :)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mom!!

Yesterday was our mom's birthday. Yay!! We were hanging out with her, drooling over houses, at the Vesta Home Show. So today, a little late, we present to you the Top 25 reasons why our mom is so awesome!!

1. She is our best friend. Even as teenagers, we enjoyed her company and time spent with her. That has only grown the older we have become.
2. She's hilarious. She has the funniest and quirkiest personality of anyone we know. She always makes us laugh. Not only that, she knows this and will stop at NOTHING for a laugh. Just ask Anita Mann....which brings us to number three.
3. She has a closet full of wigs and costumes used solely for entertainment purposes. From a toothless, homeless old lady visiting in preschool to an "experienced" floozy doling out advice at a lingerie shower. She's been Cher, Lady Godiva, Rhett Butler, Martha Stewart's sister, a turkey, the tooth fairy, the Easter bunny....the list is endless.
4. She makes a mean chocolate pie and the best chocolate gravy around. She really should be famous for this...and to all who have tasted, she is.
5. She is the craftiest person. She will spend hours on the tiniest detail of a project, but when it all comes together, it looks amazing. There is never a party too small for some serious decorations as far as she is concerned.
6. She has been a model of grace and forgiveness to us through some difficult seasons in her life.
7. She is the first person we turn to for help in decorating our homes. Whether it be setting things up after a move or putting out Christmas decor, she's always working hard to make it look beautiful.
8. She taught us always to wear lipstick. And we are thankful for that. We come across so many ladies with some seriously washed out lips in desperate need of a little color. She might go to the mailbox without make-up, but she will have on some lipstick!!
9. She is a great Christmas present shopper. She finds the most unique gifts, and she is able to pick clothes that we love.
10. We never doubted her love for us. She has always been a loving and affectionate mom.
11. She is a great Kaki. Her granddaughters adore her!!
12. She made us both want to be a mom. We knew it was a job that she loved. Mom and Dad went with less when we were younger so she could be home with us more. We are forever grateful for this. She has always had a heart for her family and passed this on to us as well.
13. She is not a boring adult. We went to Six Flags not terribly long ago, and there was nothing she wouldn't ride. She still loves board games. She jumped in a leaf pile with Lily this fall.
14. She dresses and looks so cute! We still raid her closet.
15. She has a love for words. When we were younger, if we heard it once, we heard it a thousand times: "Increase that Vocabulary (ITV)!!" Which leads us to the next point....
16. She kills at Scrabble and Password.
17. She has always pointed us to the Lord. We don't know where we would be without her guidance and constant prayers.
18. From early on, we were taught what to look for in a future mate--we both listened quite well. She would also tell us that it was just as important to be the right person as it was to find the right one.
19. She would check us out of school and take us on picnics sometimes. She had a way of making ordinary days special.
20. School started at 8:15. We ran almost late everyday. But if there was ever a day we had an extra three minutes, she would take us to McDonald's for a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit. We still love them to this day.
21. Most days, she had a hot, yummy dinner at the table. We realized now that is harder than it appeared at the time. She also usually made us breakfast every morning. And we rarely had to eat cafeteria food.
22. She made us each drive 100 hours with her in the passenger's seat before getting our license. Dreadful at the time, but we now know we will be doing the EXACT same thing with our kids.
23. We love the way she loves her dog. She loved our Pepper growing up, and Ellie is pretty much our third sister. We sometimes tease her about it, but it's really just endearing.
24. She read to us often. And the last time we all went on a vacation in the same car, she read to us still. We were adults at the time. This fostered quite the love for books in us!
25. She can make her tongue look like a flower.

Happy 25th plus birthday, mom!!

That's another one. I'm not sure we ever knew how old she was growing up. She would just say 25 plus! haha!!

We love you so very much! Thank you for all you have been and all you are to us. We are blessed beyond measure to have you for a mom.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Award time!!

Hi everyone!! Have you wondered where we have been? Probably not. But just in case you have checked this blog daily only to be disappointed that there has not been a new post in three weeks, I will explain. Anna has finally moved home!! Yay!! So that is where we have been. Well....that's not exactly true. Really, that only took a weekend. We are basically just major slackers.

Anywho, on to more important things! We received an award from our friend Hillary. She has, without a doubt, one of my very favorite blogs to read. So check her out at a gal and her dog. The rules of the this award are to list seven things about yourself and then tag some others to play along! So... thank you, Hillary. Here goes my totally random list of seven things:

1. If you know me at all, you know I love Diet Coke. I love the crazy burn as it goes down. I love the taste. I even think the coke can is cute. I used to be a full blown Dr. Pepper addict. But then I discovered the definition of a calorie. I promptly switched and never looked back. (Note to blog readers who hate on my diet coke, I know that it's the "devil's drink"...yadda, yadda, yadda. But if you gave it a shot, you might just like it...or just get pregnant, then you'll love it...haha...yes, you know who you are:)

2. I once heard (on some show or something) that people who ate the same thing everyday for lunch tend to weigh less. Since hearing that, I now eat a turkey and mustard sandwich, All Bran Crackers, an apple, and maybe a 100 calorie pack almost every single day. (And I actually did lose weight!) But the crazy part: I literally look forward to this meal everyday. I love it. And in four years, I have yet to get sick of it. Yes, it's been four years.

Have the past two things been about food? Um...sorry.

3. I really love the fall. I love the weather, the colors, the clothes, the smells, the baking, the food, pumpkins, the holidays, the beautiful trees...I love it all. October is my very favorite month of the year.

4. The other day, I was watching a cartoon with the girls right before their nap. I think it might have been Super Why. I went to put them down, and then I settled back on the couch and continued to watch it for ten minutes. I needed to see how it ended. This was a sad moment for me.

5. I used to be a night owl (somewhat). I stayed up until at least midnight most nights. I cannot even fathom staying up that late now. We are usually in bed by 9:45. I also was SO not a morning person. And now I adore my mornings. I guess two kids will do that to you. Coffee has become a dear friend of mine.

6. Every time a thunderstorm rolls through when I am sleeping, I almost always sit straight up in bed, scared to death. Not because of the storm, but because I think someone is outside of my window taking pictures. I cannot even begin to tell you how many times Patrick has had to tell me it was just lightening.

7. I always check my mirrors when getting in my car, just like they teach you in driving school. I can't even pull out of my driveway without every mirror being perfectly adjusted. Right now, one of my side mirrors is broken. I have to roll down the window and lean over to correct it. And I do it every time.

Okay, now I tag whoever wants to play along. Have a good week!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Two Sweet Years

I married my best friend two short years ago today. I cannot believe how fast it has flown by! It feels like yesterday that we were just engaged and planning the whole wedding! And yet, here we are… two years later.

I would love to say it that everyday has been the best, but as most of you know, it has been a stressful two years. Nathan has been through two of the hardest years of school that you can imagine! There has hardly been a moment in two years that Nathan has felt comfortable just relaxing. In the back of his mind, he is constantly thinking of what he should be studying or what schoolwork he should be doing. During these two years, I have been the financial provider of our family. Knowing that all of our financial needs rest on my shoulders has not been very fun for me (especially on a teacher’s salary! Haha!) I have also completely changed career paths and have changed jobs (will be) three times in two and a half years. We have lived in Hernando, Flowood (right outside of Jackson), and are about to move to Memphis. Three places in two years… STRESS!!!

The bright side to all of this is that I got to spend two very stressful years of my life with the best person I know. And I wouldn't change a thing!

I could write a book on reasons why I love my husband, and I still couldn’t express how I truly feel. To start though…

  • He is the most loving person I know. How easy is it to love someone that you know fully and completely loves you back!
  • He is quick to forgive--and I am daily thankful for that.
  • He is slow to anger- most of the time J
  • He does not hold records of alllll my wrongs--Praise the Lord!
  • And he is so very kind--he makes my lunch EVERYDAY before he goes to bed so I will not have to rush and do it in the morning. He takes Bella out 90% of the time. I have never-ever taken the trash out in two years. He still opens my car door. He always packs up the car on the weekends we go home without making me carry a thing. And after a grocery trip- all he asks of me is that I get the door for him while he carries up all the groceries and makes many trips back to the car (he insists on this- even though I am more than willing to help). Most days, he has my snack ready and waiting for me when I walk in the door from work (washed and cut up celery and a small bowl of Ranch). He does the dishes probably more than me. He has listened to me daily complain about hardships at work, and he has been extremely supportive of me this year. I could seriously go on and on and on with all the sweet things he does for me. I will stop here though. J
  • His love is not self-seeking--out of everything he does for me, he never asks for anything in return--which makes me fully enjoy doing things for him!
  • Most importantly, he follows after God’s heart and God’s desires for our family. Before I married, someone (whose opinion I greatly value) told me to marry the man that is the protector of my soul. Without a doubt, Nathan is that man! Every morning, he is on the couch, reading his Bible and praying for me. I know this because I see him and he has shown me a paper with the specific prayers he prays for me everyday. That is just dear to my heart. I have a man who loves me but loves God first and foremost and trusts me to Him.
  • Also, I think he is just adorable! AND… he makes me laugh. He is so so so funny! There is hardly a serious moment in our household! I love the fun he brings to our little family.
  • Last one for today…. He adores Bella. He is so good with her. I know dogs cannot compare to people, but I do get a small glimpse of how wonderful he will be with our kids someday. If he is that crazy over a dog- he will amazing with our real babies J

Even though parts of these two years have been stressful, that is not to say they haven’t been wonderful. Every day I have spent with Nathan has been better than any day I have ever spent without him. I always say, the room is better when he is in it. Always.

Over the past two years, our relationship has become stronger and our faith and trust in the Lord has grown so much. And as stressful as it has been, being with Nathan has just been fun!

Thank you Lord for blessing our marriage and bringing me a life partner perfectly matched for me!

Happy Anniversary Love!!!

I love my wedding pictures... can you tell? :)

This picture is from our weekend trip to a BnB in Natchez for our anniversary

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Moses and Mommyhood

As I write this blog, I am sitting on my couch and relaxing after a wonderful Mother's Day. I woke up to yummy breakfast, a bracelet, and cards from my sweet husband and two beautiful daughters. Then I went to church and followed that with the best brunch ever...celebrating with my awesome mom and dad. I am now simply enjoying the solitude (Patrick is at the grocery store for me because it would just be wrong to have to go on Mother's Day) and reflecting on the joys of motherhood.

This past week, Lily and I were talking and reading about Moses. We were standing over the "river" (our bathtub), with our homemade baby basket, acting out the scene. Lily was Miriam, Hello Kitty played Moses, and I was Jochebed (the mom). I started to read the scripture to her, and all of the sudden, I was literally so overcome with emotion that I had to stop. I have probably heard and read the story of Moses a hundred times, but there was something about reading it there with my sweet daughter and looking at it through the eyes of a mom that moved me in a way it never has before. I kept thinking about Moses' mommy. I don't think there is a bond more instant and intense on this Earth than when a mom embraces her baby for the first time. And here was this baby she loved more than she probably ever imagined she could, and his little life was in mortal danger. She knew she had to act to save him. Her faith in the Lord to care for her precious child is amazing. She put that baby in a the river. I don't know about you, but the thought of that gives me a slight heart attack. And then she had to sit and listen to him cry...all the while trusting in the Lord to care for him. I've never had to put my children in any situation that even comes close to that, but how often do I fail to completely trust God with their lives!

The most touching part of the story is what happens next. Pharaoh's daughter hears the cries of this baby and "draws him out of the water"-(hence, "Moses"). I think if the story ended there...with Moses being saved by the very family that wanted him dead...then we would have reason enough to be amazed by the sovereignty of God. I mean, a Hebrew baby growing up in an Egyptian palace...and then eventually leading God's people out of their captivity. Wow. But God demonstrated his loving-kindness and graciousness yet again. Pharaoh's daughter needed someone to nurse and care for the baby. And who does she get? Moses' mommy. I know you all know the story, so I'm sorry for the recap. But I just love it!! Exodus 2:9 says "And Pharaoh's daughter said to her, "Take this child away and nurse him for me, and I will give you your wages." So Jochebed completely trusted God to save her son and He did! But He went a step further and basically gave her baby back to her for a time. How tenderly and completely our Father loves us! I sat in the bathroom trying to explain this to Lily...barely able to stop crying to get my words out. He knew that mommy's heart. And He granted her the desire of her heart. Her baby lived, and she had the privilege of caring for him. God used Moses in mighty ways, but before Moses followed God, his mom did.

By the way, did you catch that she was PAID for this?? You almost have to laugh at that. Only God!! I love it!! If I got paid to nurse my babies, I would be one rich woman.

This Mother's Day, I am overwhelmed with gratitude to God for choosing me to be Lily and Evie's mom. When I think about the story of Moses, I am reminded of the goodness of our Father and how He loves us. He could've chosen any way He wanted to populate the Earth, but He chose the unique way of a mom and dad. He is the one who created motherhood. He is the one who gives us the love we have for our children. And I am so very thankful for it. I am thankful to be a chosen child of God. I am thankful that He chose me to bring two little lives into the world-two lives that I pray will love Him and trust Him completely. I am thankful that He gave me a perfect partner to share my life and raise our children. And last but not least, I am thankful for my own mom. I don't know where I would be without her love, guidance, prayers, support, and sacrifice. I am thankful for the first glimpse as a child of what God's unfailing love for me looks like through the unconditional love of my mom. Happy Mother's Day!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

When the bee stings...

Favorite Things, part 2! Like Corrie mentioned, reading about people's favorite things is the best. I love to know what people like, and I hope you will enjoy seeing some of the things I love. We have had so much fun writing these two posts, I feel certain there will be more favorites to come! In fact, I am already making another "oh my word, I just love this ______" list now! I just have too many to put all in one blog post! They are my Life's Little Pleasures- and I do mean little pleasures.

On to my list...
Like Corrie, I love coffee. But, I have a new love. Hot tea. When we were younger, my mom would often host tea parties for Corrie and me, so I have fond memories of the taste of hot tea. This fall at The Merry Marketplace, we stumbled across this precious tea themed booth. All those sweet memories came back. To my excitement, mom gave Corrie and me one of these cute little Japanese teapots with an infuser inside. We also got the Pomegranate flavored black (loose) tea... YUM! And I bought Georgia Sunshine (a peach tea) that I love as well. I hardly go a day without my tea fix. It is so relaxing. You can find these products here.

My mom recently bought me a happy that I love. It is a crossbody purse. I call it my shopping purse, and it is perfect for such an occasion! The zipper part in the front is a built-in wallet! It holds my sunglasses, phone, and lip gloss. Don't get me wrong, I still love my big purses, but they are too big when I'm out-and-about going in and out of stores, etc..
If you are not sleeping under a duvet, you are missing out. I feel like I am snuggled up to clouds every night. It is insanely comfortable, warm (but not hot), and wonderful. Our comforter would always fall off the bed -but not this one! I highly recommend it.
I wear my Pandora bracelet everyday. I wanted one for so long (long before they were popular), and I finally got one! Two Christmases ago, my parents got me the bracelet and my family has helped fill it up. It is still a work in progress, but it is close! Every charm means something significant to me (tells a story in a sense), and even though there are cheaper imitations out there now, I still love it. It is still authentically Pandora, and I can picture my granddaughter wearing it someday.
I could not live without my steamer. I have even named him, as he is now a special part of the Rucker family, Stan. Stan the Steamer. What did I do with my life before I had a steamer? How did I get the wrinkles out of clothes that cannot be ironed? How often did I iron? I despise ironing. Now, the only thing I ever iron are khakis pants (and those are rarely worn for the very fact that I have to iron them). My steamer is a Conair. It is light-weight, and it folds down small for easy storing.
So now you know a few of my favorite things that I would not like to live without. Continue to share yours and stay tuned for more of our favorite things!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

When the dog bites..

When the bee stings, when I'm feeling sad...I simply remember my favorite things, and then I don't feeeeellllll soooooo baaadddddd!!! Please excuse my blog rendition of an old favorite. Didn't you just love The Sound of Music? Anna and I did! Although, I heartily disagree with parts of that song. How in the world could snowflakes that stay on your eyelashes possibly be a favorite thing? Sounds thoroughly annoying to me. But I digress...The main point of this blog is actually not to talk of one of my beloved movies. It's about my favorite things! Yay!!

I have lots of favorite things. Probably it will take up more than just one (or two or three blogs), but I must start somewhere. Please understand me...these are my favorite products. Words would never do justice to my true favorite things/people/relationships. Anyway, if you are anything like me, you are a sucker. I get sucked right in by advertisments, recommendations, etc. If someone swears by some product, I promise you I will go out and buy it the next day. In fact, everything I am going to list is from someone raving about how wonderful they think it is. goes:

I feel like I must start with coffee. Maxwell House. Good to the last drop.

If you saw my post from a few days ago, you know I love Nutella. I eat it every morning on
my whole grain Pepperidge Farm english muffin. With my coffee. Have I ever mentioned how
much I love routine? Because I do. I eat the same thing for breakfast EVERYDAY. And
the same thing for lunch EVERYDAY. And I love it. But seriously, people, try some Nutella.

A friend of mine introduced me to this next product. It's Mr. Clean Magic Erasers.
They are amazing. Ink stain on your leather purse? check. Paint on your baseboard? check.
Scuff marks on your wood floors? check. Nasty bathroom grossness? check. (Not that MY bathroom is EVER gross)

Oh...where would I be without this next product?? I really am going to do an entire blog about my Chi one day. But for now, it just gets a little shout out. Without going any further, please do not judge this amazing little straightening iron based on how my hair looks MOST of the time. Anna bought one years ago, and I held out for quite some time. Too much money. But then my crazy, afro hair got the best of me. So I buckled down and bought one. (From a significantly cheaper rate than retail stores...but still pricey) But my life changed. My hair is crazy thick with a LOT of body. Great for my "curly" days...horrible when I want to look polished and sleek. (Did I just say that?) Really, though, it's a miracle worker. I plan to post before and after pics at some point. Only if you promise not to laugh.

Okay, this is SO not a product. But my new favorite show is Community on NBC. It is hilarious. I think the writers are genius, and I laugh hard every Thursday night.

And last but not least, my new favorite author. Yes, I know...not a product. But I'm really digging him. I made a new years resolution to go back and read some of the classics that I have never read before. I am making good on that resolution (about the only one). But it has been well worth my time. I really, REALLY love to read. I am not just one of those people that say that and then rarely pick up a book. I am never without some book. Usually a few. And I like a lot of different genres. But I have discovered something about myself. I love a good book that I just can't put down for the life of me. But my favorite type of book is one that makes me think. I love a book that deals with major issues...It makes me want to go back to college and write a killer essay. I'm a dork. But this is precisely why I have a new favorite author (although he is by no means new....he's six feet under). John Steinbeck. I recently read of East of Eden and LOVED it. It was so juicy and rich and thought provoking...good v. evil, nature v. nurture, free will, sin...It was amazing. I don't agree with Oprah on everything, but I agree with her on this: It's a must read. Now I am going back and reading every other book he wrote.

Now you have my short list of favorites. There will be more to come. Anna has a list, and I have many more things to recommend. What are some of your "can't live without it" products? Or TV shows? Or authors? Or books? Looking forward to a shopping spree after I read your suggestions:)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Our Blog Rocks!

Blog Award!

Corrie and I are happy to announce that we have received our first blog award! YAY!! We won the Master of Karate and Friendship Award!! For this award, we have to list 6 things that I, Anna, (since I am writing this blog) am a master in and then pass it on to fellow bloggers who I think are masters at friendship and making blogging awesome. My dear friend, Lindsey, at her awesome blog:
Magnolias and Goobers gave us this lovely award!

This will be all from my perspective though because I am on my couch in Jackson and Corrie is three long hours away from me right now.

1. I am a master at remembering dates.
What were you doing April 9, 2007? Most probably do not remember. I, however, have an ability to remember what happened and when most of the time. Obviously, I can remember big events (birthdays, weddings, engagement dates, moving dates, etc…) but I can also remember those unimportant things like dates of last years doctor appointments (mine, Bella’s, Nathan’s), an uneventful weekend, dates of all my wedding showers… anyway, you get the point. This is what goes on in my head: I think back to the time, remember something I did around that time, connect it to what I am trying to remember, figure out how long the time was between the two things I am remembering, and BAM! I know it! Oh, and April 9, 2007—that was easy. I was showing off my new engagement ring and getting a manicure- it was cloudy that day- but I was oh so happy!!

2. I am a master at budgeting.
No not really budgeting, budgeting. Not like the everyday kind of budgeting. (Yeah, right!) I’m talking about the fun budgeting-like when you get a pretty nice size tax return, and you must decide where to spend all that money! Before the check was even in our bank account, I had every bit of it budgeted… literally down to the penny. I must say, had that check not come, I am not sure how we would have survived the next few months. But now, thanks to my husband attending a very expensive school and me making very little as a teacher, the government gave us what was due to us, and our families will enjoy gifts at Christmas and birthdays. Other than that, it is all going toward upcoming expenses. YUCK! However, I did budget in a small portion of it for a new table and rug.

3. I am a master at avoiding cops.
I feel as though I was born with a super natural ability to spot those half-hidden police cars sitting behind bushes waiting for their prey. I should be careful in saying this (pride comes before the fall), but I have never gotten a speeding ticket. I can spot a Ford Crown Victoria miles away. The only ticket my little car has ever received was a ticket for my expired tag. And I wasn’t even driving it! Ha.ha. Nathan just doesn’t have the abilities I do. This leads me to my next master craft—

4. I am a master procrastinator.
I come by this honestly. My mom is a procrastinator (on some things), Corrie is a procrastinator, and so am I. It is a learned art. In school, I would wait until the night before something was due to do everything. Papers, tests, projects, everything! I work well under pressure because I also am somewhat of a perfectionist. So, I may wait until the last minute—but it is going to be good!! I am a procrastinator at its best. Sometimes it comes to bite me in the rear though- (i.e. ticket for my tags). Similar to procrastinating, I am always late. I can wake up 30 minutes earlier than normal and still manage to be late. That most definitely runs in my blood, thanks mom!

5. I am a master at falling asleep.
When my head hits the pillow-I’m out. I go to bed when I am sleepy (which for me is around 10:30), so when I lay down, I can be in dreamland within minutes. On nights Nathan stays up to study (which is often), he tucks me in. I am literally in the beginning stages of sleep while we are saying goodnight to each other. He has told me that he has come back in the room two minutes later, and I am in a deep sleep. I love it!

The above picture is an actual picture of mastery #5 in action. Nathan snuck in our room (five minutes after telling me goodnight) to take this funny picture of me sleeping with me legs up. I had no clue he was ever in the room.

6. I am a master planner
What will I be doing three weekends from now? I most assuredly already know. What will I be doing three Thursdays from now- I know that too. I like everything planned out. I am not spontaneous at all. I was asked to go to a movie on Wednesday for later Wednesday night… um, no! It was already Wednesday! How could I possibly have that little of notice and still go? I know I should probably work on this, but it is just the way I am. I even plan times to relax. Most days, I have every minute planned from the time I wake up until the time I go to bed.

We will now pass this lovely award on to some of our other favorite fellow bloggers…
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Melissa at Absolute Surrender
Jessica at The Fin

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Hi blog readers. It's Corrie, and I feel quite yucky today. All I want to do is crawl in the bed and sleep this off. can't call in sick when you're a mom. So....I guess I'll just have to suck it up. Anyway, I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend. We sure did! We had a great time just hanging out as a family. This was the first year Lily seemed to really grasp the meaning of it all. She literally sang "Up from the grave He arose!!" the ENTIRE day. She was thrilled! I loved it. I get chills just thinking about that Sunday morning two thousand-ish years ago when Christ victoriously conquered the grave. Hallelujah! What a Savior!

Oh! We have some fun blogs coming up! (How's that for extreme subject change?) We've been compiling a list of some of our favorite things. You know, various products or things we really enjoy using. I always love reading other people's favorites. I guarantee if you swear by some product, I will probably go out and try it myself. So...we thought we'd share with you some of our favorites! We'd love to hear some feedback on some of your "must-haves", so be thinking!! For example, one must have for me: Nutella. I truly love it. It's just a dream in a plastic jar as far as I'm concerned. Which brings me to my funny story that will wrap up this rambling post.... Last week, I walked into the bathroom where Patrick was getting ready for work, and he asked me what was on my neck. I looked in the mirror and to my absolute horror, I saw quite the ominous looking brown mole. Well, if you know me at all, then you probably know where my mind immediately went. I was thinking..."I wonder if I can get in to the doctor today?" I mean, people, this looked bad. Really bad. I needed to see a specialist ASAP!! I reached up to touch and check the ABCD's of my mole (asymmetrical, border, color, diameter...for those people who don't read Mayo Clinic website daily), and lo and behold, my "mole" came off as I started to rub it. And that, my friends, is because it was Nutella. I told you I loved the stuff.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday

"But He was pierced for our transgressions, He was crushed
for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was
upon Him, and by His wounds we are healed." Isaiah 53:5

Sunday, March 28, 2010

March 28th

Today is my sweet husband's birthday. If you read my anniversary post, then you already know I think I married the most amazing guy ever. Because I've already done a lot of bragging on him, I am just going to wish for Patrick the perfect birthday. Since I am too poor to make all of this a reality, the blog will have to do. So...Patrick, if I could give you the perfect day, it would go something like this:

You would wake up in your favorite city: Boston.
It would be the most beautiful day...sunny and 65 degrees, and you would have an awesome 6 mile or so run along side the river, watching all the sailboats pass by. Then we (you, me, and the girls) would head over to some yummy breakfast place and gorge ourselves on pancakes and lots and lots of bacon. Yum! (Your perfect day will probably include a lot of food, obviously.) Then, we would head over to some park and just relax in the beautiful outdoors...letting our food settle. Then we would probably go to some nerdy museum that we both would totally love and spend an insane amount of time looking at everything.

Next....just because I love you so much, we would head to the nearest Steak Escape.

After your favorite lunch spot, we would go to any sporting event you like. I know baseball isn't your most favorite, but I also know that you would love to go to Fenway Park and watch a game. (Oh, please for the sake of this blog, let that be the name of the park in Boston--oh, it Wrigley's?-well, whatever.)

After that, we drop the kiddies off with my parents (who are conveniently in Boston to babysit), and we go eat at the BEST restaurant. I have no idea what this restaurant is called. All I know is you order New England Clam Chowder for an appetizer. (You didn't think I'd let us spend a perfect day in Boston without your favorite soup, did you?)

The main course. Lobster and steak. Need I say more??
I won't blog about our dessert. Haha!:)

I hope you enjoyed your birthday via the internet. I hope one day we can actually live it out. I love you so very much. Every moment with you is a blessing, and every year of your life, I love you more. God willing, I will love you when you're old and bald (which might be sooner than later-boo!) I will love you when you are 90, and I am still a spring chicken at a mere 85. I will
love you when we do wake up in Boston one day. I love you every morning I wake up beside you, right here in Southaven. I am blessed beyond measure to have you as a husband, and I am so thankful to God for making you 32 years ago today.

*On a side note, stupid blogger is totally messing up the way my post looks with the pictures and words. And I can't fix it. Ugh!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Secrets: No one else in the world knows

Ok, maybe there are a few who know some of our secrets, maybe even most of you that read this blog... but nevertheless- we will divulge into some of the issues that you just MIGHT not know.

Top 10 secrets from Corrie and Anna:
  • I am slightly deformed. I have two webbed toes and a real hole in my chest. My mom has told me all of my life that "the toe-cutter forgot to cut my toes all the way". As far as the hole goes, well I am pretty sure I could stick a stud earring in it if I wanted. I am also pretty sure it is getting bigger the older I get (pretty soon, you will be able to see my heart). And when I get nervous or I am in an uncomfortable situation, I always touch it- weird, I know. -Anna
  • I think I was a little OCD when I was younger. Every time I would take a shower, I would always put my hands under the shower head after I turned it off for the last drips of water to hit my fingers, and I would stick my feet under the faucet, one at a time, to catch the remaining drips of the faucet. I literally felt a need to do it every time. To this day, I still do it.. I guess more out of habit- or maybe I am still OCD.-Anna
  • I do not like to take showers. I really, really don't. I love the feeling of being clean, but I dread taking a shower everyday....which is exactly why I don't every single day. I do take a bath every night of my life. But It just takes soooo long. The washing, the shampooing, the shaving (I am tall, and I have long legs-shaving takes some time), the rinsing. It's just too much. I should probably move to France or something where showers are optional, and smelly is sexy (or so I've been told). -Corrie
  • I can buy something very small... like a green refrigerator magnet dry erase board...and I am convinced that my life will never be the same from that moment forward. I actually bought the said magnet, and I just knew it would lead to me becoming the most organized, list-making person on the face of the earth. I recently bought a small (very small) notepad to carry in my purse. I will never forget another appointment or anything of importance for the rest of my life because of this purchase. -Corrie
  • I might act comfortably in a large group of people, but if you could glimpse into my head, you would see that I am totally ill at ease. I am wayyyy more self-conscious than I let on, and I am probably thinking "what should I be doing with my hands??" I just prefer small get-togethers. I hated prom. Only went my junior year. Never went to a homecoming dance or Winterfest. And I have absolutely NO regrets about it whatsoever. -Corrie
  • I am an emotional person. Most would say that they have seen me cry from time to time, but I, actually, (for some reason) am weird about people (even my husband!) seeing me cry every time I do. I cry when I am mad, sad, disappointed, but mostly when I am happy. I can't laugh without tears coming out of my eyes, but I actually cry a lot when I am happy... I try to keep it to myself most of the time.-Anna
  • We don't know our left and right. Seriously, neither of us do. We have to look down at our rings before we can confidently tell you our left from our right. Don't ever put us in a situation where we need to make an immediate right or left decision. We are terrible at aerobics. Corrie literally x-rayed the wrong foot on a patient three times in a row before the patient caught it. Countless times we have had to turn the car around because someone told us to turn left-- so, naturally, we merged to the right- missing the turn. -Corrie and Anna
  • I hum. Like all the time. Sometimes I hum songs, and at other times, I hum out sentences that are in my head. I would like to say it is because I never learned to whistle, and this just serves as a substitute. But truth be told, it is just a part of me that is a little odd. I might blend in well at the crazy ward. I don't even notice I am doing it. I don't think I have any other crazy weird habits, so I am not too concerned about this one. But rest assured, it will probably get worse the older I get. And I will undoubtedly drive the workers mad at whatever nursing home my children put me in one day. I mean, helloooo.....I already make weird noises. I am going to be one scary old lady. -Corrie
  • When I was a little kid, I used to make up raps. Dances accompanied. I will spell out (phonetically) my most famous of all: Eye la bow la see ya mo, eye le bow le see ya mo, eye lo, ella bow, ella bow la see ya mo. -Anna
  • When we were both little kiddies, we were creative in the games we would play. Our favorite? Jailman's Bladder. We won't go into the details of the game... all we will say is do not fall off the swing set. It would not be pretty.- Corrie and Anna

And there you have it, people. Our inner secrets are out.