Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Secrets: No one else in the world knows

Ok, maybe there are a few who know some of our secrets, maybe even most of you that read this blog... but nevertheless- we will divulge into some of the issues that you just MIGHT not know.

Top 10 secrets from Corrie and Anna:
  • I am slightly deformed. I have two webbed toes and a real hole in my chest. My mom has told me all of my life that "the toe-cutter forgot to cut my toes all the way". As far as the hole goes, well I am pretty sure I could stick a stud earring in it if I wanted. I am also pretty sure it is getting bigger the older I get (pretty soon, you will be able to see my heart). And when I get nervous or I am in an uncomfortable situation, I always touch it- weird, I know. -Anna
  • I think I was a little OCD when I was younger. Every time I would take a shower, I would always put my hands under the shower head after I turned it off for the last drips of water to hit my fingers, and I would stick my feet under the faucet, one at a time, to catch the remaining drips of the faucet. I literally felt a need to do it every time. To this day, I still do it.. I guess more out of habit- or maybe I am still OCD.-Anna
  • I do not like to take showers. I really, really don't. I love the feeling of being clean, but I dread taking a shower everyday....which is exactly why I don't every single day. I do take a bath every night of my life. But showers...no. It just takes soooo long. The washing, the shampooing, the shaving (I am tall, and I have long legs-shaving takes some time), the rinsing. It's just too much. I should probably move to France or something where showers are optional, and smelly is sexy (or so I've been told). -Corrie
  • I can buy something very small... like a green refrigerator magnet dry erase board...and I am convinced that my life will never be the same from that moment forward. I actually bought the said magnet, and I just knew it would lead to me becoming the most organized, list-making person on the face of the earth. I recently bought a small (very small) notepad to carry in my purse. I will never forget another appointment or anything of importance for the rest of my life because of this purchase. -Corrie
  • I might act comfortably in a large group of people, but if you could glimpse into my head, you would see that I am totally ill at ease. I am wayyyy more self-conscious than I let on, and I am probably thinking "what should I be doing with my hands??" I just prefer small get-togethers. I hated prom. Only went my junior year. Never went to a homecoming dance or Winterfest. And I have absolutely NO regrets about it whatsoever. -Corrie
  • I am an emotional person. Most would say that they have seen me cry from time to time, but I, actually, (for some reason) am weird about people (even my husband!) seeing me cry every time I do. I cry when I am mad, sad, disappointed, but mostly when I am happy. I can't laugh without tears coming out of my eyes, but I actually cry a lot when I am happy... I try to keep it to myself most of the time.-Anna
  • We don't know our left and right. Seriously, neither of us do. We have to look down at our rings before we can confidently tell you our left from our right. Don't ever put us in a situation where we need to make an immediate right or left decision. We are terrible at aerobics. Corrie literally x-rayed the wrong foot on a patient three times in a row before the patient caught it. Countless times we have had to turn the car around because someone told us to turn left-- so, naturally, we merged to the right- missing the turn. -Corrie and Anna
  • I hum. Like all the time. Sometimes I hum songs, and at other times, I hum out sentences that are in my head. I would like to say it is because I never learned to whistle, and this just serves as a substitute. But truth be told, it is just a part of me that is a little odd. I might blend in well at the crazy ward. I don't even notice I am doing it. I don't think I have any other crazy weird habits, so I am not too concerned about this one. But rest assured, it will probably get worse the older I get. And I will undoubtedly drive the workers mad at whatever nursing home my children put me in one day. I mean, helloooo.....I already make weird noises. I am going to be one scary old lady. -Corrie
  • When I was a little kid, I used to make up raps. Dances accompanied. I will spell out (phonetically) my most famous of all: Eye la bow la see ya mo, eye le bow le see ya mo, eye lo, ella bow, ella bow la see ya mo. -Anna
  • When we were both little kiddies, we were creative in the games we would play. Our favorite? Jailman's Bladder. We won't go into the details of the game... all we will say is do not fall off the swing set. It would not be pretty.- Corrie and Anna

And there you have it, people. Our inner secrets are out.


  1. You girls are a tad weird..all I can say is you must get it from your father.

  2. freakin' hilarious!
    And I'm glad to know the REAL reason you guys don't come to my classes at the gym...lol. I will say that I do know my left and right but unfortunately I am OPPOSITE because I've taught aerobics for 12 years and I always say "Right" and point to the left so my participants will supposedly go to their right and mirror me, which usually works great...until I'm driving with Gary and I say left and point right because I'm being an instructor...lol

  3. Couple of wierd-o's, been saying it before you could walk. Let me know when you want to sue your mom for damages.

  4. Lets not move to France please...
    My favorite is that you finished a task and then wrote it on the green refrigerator magnet dry erase board and then markerd through it, I love you

  5. This is hilarious. Anna, I imagined you rapping your little jingle while doing a little dance. HILARIOUS.

    Y'all are some weirdos..haha