Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My friendly's birthday!!

I love March 10th. Why, you may ask? Well, today is the anniversary of the day my best friend was born! Yay! I am just so grateful for her and all she means to me. In honor of her birthday, I thought I'd share twenty-five things that make Jenna awesome. I totally stole this idea from another blog, but I loved it and thought I'd give a new spin to our birthday blessings! goes:
1. She is the best friend ever! I had to start with the obvious.
2. If I am having a really bad day, I can talk to her, and within five minutes, I am hysterical over something. She always makes me feel better.
3. She is an encourager.
4. She loves God, and it doesn't take long to be around her to see the evidence all over her life.
5. She always dresses modestly yet is totally stylish and looks adorable every time I see her.
6. Okay, a little bit of a retraction on number 5...she shows up to my house on dinner/game night wearing her p.j's. But I greet her at the door wearing the same. She is totally comfortable being exactly who she is.
7. Jenna laughs harder at her own jokes than anyone else. Even if they are not all that funny, you can't help but laugh watching her try to tell it. I love that about her.
8. She is a great listener.
9. She is one of the most loving people I know. She loves her family, her hubby, and she really loves her dog, Lewis. Oh, and she loves her friends:)
10. She's drop-dead gorgeous.
11. She has an AMAZING voice.... she can really sing. But you would never know this about her unless you heard her. She's totally humble about it and doesn't talk about it at all. (I am pretty sure this is why I was not blessed with a singing voice-I would tell everyone.)
12. We can be laughing over something really stupid one minute and then the next, have a serious conversation about something else. (Although the latter doesn't happen nearly as often as the laughing.) But that said, Jen is so smart, and I really value her opinion on so much.
13. She is an awesome teacher. I haven't been in the classroom with her, but I know it's true. I've heard from various sources....People want their kids in her class.
14. She is a great secret-keeper. Trustworthy to the core. She has kept silent about some big ones for me:)
15. She loves to play games. And her answers in Malarky are priceless. The girl is quite creative.
16. She is really good at hanging pictures. She often tells me/begs me to let her hang my pictures. (I'm not so good at it.)
17. She is really independent, but she does not like to drive in Memphis alone. I find this funny and endearing. If you tell her how to get somewhere out in Cordova or something, she will inevitably stop listening because she is SO not headed out there alone. I love it.
18. We've been best friends for years, and in some ways, we've grown up a ton. And in other ways, we act incredibly childish and find ridiculous things funny. I love that we can be goofy together.
19. We are on about the same level as far as being physically fit. This makes working out together easy and funny. Although I do not think we probably challenge each other too much. Haha!
20. She makes a mean manicotti something or another. I don't remember what it is called, but is is good. Very good.
21. She loves my kiddies, and they LOVE her. And I can't WAIT to "return the favor" and love on her sweet Olivia. Very excited about this. Along the same lines, she is going to be an amazing mom.
22. I am not sure she has called me "Corrie" in over a year. In fact, I don't remember the last time. It's always either friendly or friend. And I do love this as well. Actually, Jenna and I are quite convinced we started the whole "hey friend" fad.
23. At any given time, she has probably ten different lip glosses, lipsticks, chapsticks...etc. in her purse. Trust me, your lips will never be dry as long as Jenna is around. (T.W.S.S)
24. Jenna is genuinely one of the kindest hearted people I know. I love her spirit.
25. Finally, I could go on and on with Jenna-awesomeness...but I will wrap it up by saying that I am blessed beyond measure to call her friend. She is the best! I would rather spend a night hanging out in my p.j's, playing games and eating brownies with J & J and N & A than do anything else:)

Jenna, I hope you have the happiest birthday ever! And as usual, your present will be coming later....haha. I love you, friendly!


  1. I have had the privilege of knowing you for many years now. It is funny how, even though you and Corrie have always been closer, I still count you as one of my closest friends! And I really am blessed to know you. I have always been able to talk to you, laugh with you, and have tons of fun with you! And like Corrie also mentioned, you have an amazing gift. I, of course, LOVE your beautiful voice—obviously because I can’t think of anyone I would have rather had to sing at my wedding : )
    I love you dearly! And I seriously can’t wait to meet little Olivia! You are awesome, and you are going to be an awesome mom—it’s just in you… haha – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I have already told you in a text… and I will more than likely tell you on FB too.. lol Can’t wait to have a J & J, C & P, N & A night next week!!

  2. You made your friendly feel so special!!! Thank you for such a sweet post! Although I can't completely agree with everything... my Malarky answers are horrible. haha. I'm creative in the sense that anything that has been in our topic of conversation will inevitably wind up in my answer. Lol! You guys are so priceless to me and I love you! Definitely ready for p.j. game/brownie night with my homies!! :):):)

  3. Happy birthday, Jen! Thank you for being a friendly to my baby girl. :)