Monday, January 17, 2011

Preparing for Lucy Kate

I cannot believe I am 3 short weeks away from meeting my sweet baby girl! There are no words to express how excited I am! I try to describe it like --- it feels like Christmas Eve every day- with the anticipation and excitement you feel on that day (or am I the only adult that still gets that way? haha) But obviously, this is even bigger and better than that!

I'm not going to lie though, the closer it gets, the more nervous I am becoming! Nathan and I are in an unusual situation bringing a child into this world. Here is my long explanation as to why:

Did I ever mention, this incredible blessing was a big surprise for us?? Well, we had intended on waiting to have children until after he graduated. We have moved so much since we got married (for Nathan's school: Hernando, Jackson, MS, Memphis), and we were finally back in the area. This past June, we moved into an adorable apartment in Collierville- we didn't want to try to buy a house on my little teacher's salary, so we decided to move into a one-bedroom apartment until May. THREE weeks after moving in, we found out we were pregnant! I also became very sick... It is hard for me to even think back to this summer. One thing that really started bothering me while I was sick was the smell of our apartment. It didn't so much bother me before because it wasn't a nasty smell. It was just a strong (chemical-like?) smell. However, it did not help my situation at all once I became sick. So often, I would throw up after just breathing in the smell. It was rough, and the thought of living with that smell for a year made me crazy. One weekend, I came up with the idea to spend the night at my parent's house, just to see if it made me feel better. One weekend turned into one week, and one week turned into one month... and so on. Nathan and I, realizing I might never be able to go back to the apartment and tiring of paying rent to a place we weren't using, decided to get out of our lease, haul all of our stuff to storage, and settle in with my parents until May. No, it is not the most ideal situation at all, but luckily, we get along great with my parents, and they are being extremely gracious about us being there. They are even giving us their master bedroom so we will have more space for the baby!

Even though I have come to terms with the fact that my first baby will not have a beautiful nursery until we move into a house (in a few short months:) ), it is still really hard for me. All I want to do is set up her room and everything that goes in it! I am trying to get everything together for her nursery anyway, and that does make me feel a little better. I am having her bedding made. We bought Lucy Kate a beautiful dresser and rocking chair, and I have a sweet bassinet waiting on her. Last night, a dear friend of mine, Hollie, came over and we organized a big closet in my parent's house. Now, I have a pretty big space cleared out to hang all of Lucy Kate's clothes! We are making due here! haha!

Below are some pictures of what we have set up for her so far... they aren't really in any order, and I cannot wait to make her a real nursery!!

Nathan is putting together the swing

Rocker/sleeper that is just waiting for my sweet baby!

LK's stroller. The car seat is already packed in our car!

Picture frame for LK's wall- love it!

Bench for the nursery.. I am currently looking for the perfect fabric for pillows. I am in love with this piece of furniture!

Beautiful hang-thing from my mom for LK's room

LK's bassinet

LK's rocker... I'm having a pillow made for it. The pink toile (on the blanket) is the fabric in her bedding- also being made.

This is Lucy Kate's dresser. It was a bubblegum pink, and I painted it. It is still not completely finished, I still have to age the pink.