Monday, January 4, 2010

Seven Years and No Itching Here!

Seven years ago today, I walked down an aisle in front a church full of people and made a commitment for life to my best friend. Did I fully realize what I was getting myself into? Probably not. I was young and in love! And even though I had no doubt that Patrick was the person God intended me to marry, I am sure I didn't have a complete grasp of the enormity of my decision. But God has been faithfully guiding us through the years and teaching us both in the process. It has been a full and abundant seven years! We've had two graduations (me-Bachelor's, Patrick-Master's), two houses, work promotions, family situations, a dog, six cars, the loss of a grandparent, a trying (emotionally and physically) pregnancy, two beautiful little girls, and thousands of moments that make each day special. We have been so blessed.
I am grateful for so many things in our time together, but Patrick himself tops the list. He is the best! I cannot begin to tell you how many things I love about him, and he is constantly giving me new reasons to adore him. First off, he is the picture of what a godly husband looks like. He leads our home spiritually first and foremost. He starts everyday in the Word, reads and prays with us, and every action in his life is a reflection of his love for the Lord. Colossians 3:23 comes to my mind when I think of him. "Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men." Patrick works harder than anyone I know, not only at his job but in every aspect of his life. He is a man of such integrity, and I have the utmost respect for him. Speaking of working hard, he is good at literally everything. He is a handy-man who can fix anything: cars, house stuff... you name it. In seven years, I don't think I have ever called a repair man to come out. Patrick does it all! And he can play the bass, he's athletic, he can cook, he's smart, he makes me laugh, he is the most reliable person I know, and he has the heart of a servant. The man makes me coffee every morning, and, every night, he starts my bathtub!:) He's a gem!
And then, if that's not enough, he is the most amazing dad. Growing up in a home without alot of affection made me wonder how he would be when we had children. Every doubt I ever had vanished the first time I saw him hold our daughter. He smothers them with kisses. He compliments and encourages them daily. He plays for HOURS on end with the girls. He reads to them, teaches them, tucks them in, bathes them....He is wonderful. Patrick wakes up at 5:30 every morning to work-out and run just so that not a minute of his time when he gets home from work is wasted. Lily, Evie, and I anxiously wait on him to walk through the door each evening, and when he is home, everything seems right and complete. He is the highlight of our day.
I can honestly say I love him more than the day I married him. God willing, I want to be standing by him on January 4, 2053, saying the exact same thing. The past seven years have gone by so fast. I have realized that life is, like they say, short but sweet. And you, Patrick, are one of life's sweetest blessings to me. I love you. Happy Anniversary!!


  1. awww corrie, wow i didnt realize you had been married that long! so sweet :) love you! you have a beautiful family.

  2. Happy Anniversary! 7 years.. wow. It seems like so much longer-haha! He has been my "brother" for 12 years now! This post was so very sweet! Patrick is amazing; I respect him immensely. I am so glad you are going through all of life's big moments first :) You and Patrick set such a great example of marriage and parenting for Nathan and me. I hope yall have a great 7th year! Love yall!

  3. An excellent wife, who can find? For your worth is far above jewels. My heart trusts in you, and I will have no lack of gain. You are good and not evil towards me all the days of your life. You look for wool and flax and work with your hands in delight. You are like merchant ships; you bring your food from afar. You rise while it is still night and give food to our household. You gird yourself with strength and make your arms strong. Your lamp does not go out at night. You stretch out your hands to the distaff, and your hands grasp the spindle. You extend your hand to the poor, you stretch out your hands to the needy. You are not afraid of the snow for our household, because we are clothed. You make coverings for yourself; you are clothed in fine linen. I am known at the gates because of you. Strength and dignity are your clothing, and you smile at the future. You open your mouth in wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on your tongue. You look well to the ways of your household, and do not eat the bread of idleness. Lily, Evie, and I rise up and bless you and praise you, saying: "Many daughters have done nobly, but you excel them all." (Proverbs 31-modified).

    It has been a wonderful 7 years! I can't image a more perfect woman with which to spend the time. Certainly, there is no one without faults, especially me, but you are the perfect match to me. You have stood by me throughout all that has transpired, the trials, the good times, and the bad. You have given me the confidence to be the man I need to be. Thank you for your persistent prayers for me as God continues to build headship. Thank you for being patience and gently correcting me as necessary. I thank God for the wife and mother that your have become, you are truly the “crown upon my head”. In 7 years you have become exceedingly more beautiful than the day I first met you. I cannot wait to see what the future has in store! Thank you for the uplifting words in your blog, you are so talented in that way.

    I love you, happy anniversary!

  4. You guys are too cute. Congratulations!


  5. I just love you guys... Great post!!!