Friday, January 1, 2010

Out with the old, in with the NEW YEAR!!

We hope you had a Merry Christmas! Can you believe the year is almost over? Not to be to cliche', but time flies!! We have had a great 2009. God has been immeasurably good to us, and for that, we are so grateful. But now it's time to kiss the year good-bye and look forward to 2010!

We are not typically ones to make resolutions. Resolutions die in February. That being said, we aren't without goals. Do we want to be in the same place this time next year? No. Life is about moving forward and making progress. It is a scary thing to become too complacent. Next December, we would like to look back on the year and see ways in which we have grown in all aspects of our life: spiritually, physically (not so much grow in this area...maybe more like shrink), emotionally, intellectually, financially (oh...please let this area grow).

But in the spirit of blogging, we thought we would list individually some "resolutions". Most are not all that important, just fun. We will update you on our progress throughout the year. Or maybe just throughout January....

So here goes:

Corrie's List-
  • Make my bed daily

  • Drink more water (I will probably fail at this first)

  • Brush my teeth more gently (according to the dentist, I will have no gums if I continue this way)

  • Not spend fifty dollars a week at Target (this might help my finances grow)

  • Read some of the classics that I have never read (I LOVE to read, but somehow some major books have escaped me)

  • Clip coupons

  • Train for a 5k (might not sound like much, but if you saw me at the gym this morning, you would know I have a LONG way to go)

  • Keep my car slightly more clean than I do now (it is REALLY bad)

  • Work in my yard more (I do not have a green thumb, and I do not enjoy yard work).
I told you my list was full of things that aren't too important. That way, if I fail, I won't feel too bad. Like we said, I'll let you know how it goes.

Anna's List-
  • Walk Bella (my dog) everyday (or at a minimum 5 times a week)

  • Find cheap ways to do everything: dress, eat, decorate (but, of course, still look like a million bucks!)

  • Eat a healthy breakfast every morning (this one is hard for me because I am running late literally every morning, so I have no time to cook)

  • Be on time in the mornings

  • Find healthy ways to cook dinner (I need healthy recipes, please)

  • Train for another half marathon (this one will come later in the year probably)

  • Organize my pictures (scrapbook, online storybook, put them all on DVDs)

  • Read the classics (like Corrie, I LOVE to read, but there are so many books I have yet to discover. I am starting early on this one-currently reading: Bram Stoker's Dracula.)
  • Understand the plot of LOST

If you have any suggestions regarding any items on my list, please share them with me :)

What are your new years resolutions...err... goals? We would love to hear your thoughts. We hope you have a blessed 2010! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!


  1. Anna, you can call me for easy, somewhat healthy recipes anytime! I'm all about the low-maintenence for someone on the go! And I wish I could help you guys with your running goals...if only I didn't think running was one of the least enjoyable things a person can do with their body. Give me 7 hours of group fitness and awesome energy through encouragement any day! hahahaha.
    Corrie...I can help you with the coupon goal! :) We can have coupon clipping playdates, you know Lily & Haven would LOVE that! :)

  2. Oh but Corrie--you realize that clipping coupons means YOU have to be the one to go to Kroger, not Patrick right? I find it interesting I run into him ALL the time there but have never seen you there? have to let me in on your secret! haha

  3. Haha!! Sarah, my secret is he really does go to Kroger most of the time!! I do the main grocery shopping when Lily is at MDO, but we inevitably forget something with EVERY off Patrick goes to the grocery store to pick up the few items we need. Well...sometimes he does the shopping for the week, but most of the time, he's there to get sour cream or bread or whatever else I forgot b/c I wasn't organized enough. Hence...the coupon clipping! haha! and we totally should start clipping coupons. Anna and I are going to start planning out two weeks of meals together, then clipping the coupons and looking over the ads. We could start a "coupon club" :)