Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ode to 2009

As we come to the conclusion of 2009,

we leave you with an original rhyme.

It was an interesting year in movies, music, and news.

Therefore before the year's end, we shall recap and review.

Our sought after vote, he did not get.

But unfortunately, despite us, he turned out to be a hit.

Obama is the first president to ever be black.

Charmingly, he won with fist bumps and talking smack.

His policies, we believe, are not that great.

We sure do miss the president of two thousand-eight.

We wish Obama well. We really do.

We will pray for him, and so should you.

As far as the television industry goes,

we will only discuss our favorite shows.

We really love LOST and all of the twists,

but if we don't get answers, writers: meet our fists.

We were excited to learn of Jim and Pam's baby.

She should have it by February....or March, maybe.

Our favorite shows start on Thursday at seven o'clock:

Survivor, Community, Parks & Rec, and 30 Rock.

We can't write a poem and not mention the king of pop.

For because of his death, the news did stop.

Michael Jackson will be remembered for his crazy moon walk,

his face, all his songs, and the girly way he would talk.

We all watched in horror as a boy took flight,

yet when the object landed, he was nowhere in sight.

It turned out to be a hoax; the dad was a goon.

And the whole world worried over a big, empty balloon.

He is now serving time for a joke so bold,

and learning a lesson: don't tell secrets to a 5 year old.

And then, there's the story of Kanye West

who acted like a jerk-it's what he does best.

But this time was bad; it caused quite a rift

when he decided to upstage our beloved Taylor Swift.

Can we forgive him? Sure we can.

But you won't find him on our iPod-we'll never be a fan.

Another celebrity that made it to the headline

was a certain golfer who behaved like a swine.

Quite a jerk he is-Tiger Woods is his name.

But this year he proved golf was not his main game.

In Hollywood, two movies reached audiences far and wide.

Mom and tweens waited in line for hours and sat side by side.

What is this phenomenon we're talking about?

Why, Harry Potter 6 and Twilight, no doubt.

Wizards, vampires, and wolves galore....

We must wait til 2010 to see what else is in store.

We almost forgot one very important story.

The Jon and Kate saga and all of it's glory.

We hated to see it end that way,

but for too long, they let the cameras stay.

It's the kids that suffer, those poor little eight,

while Jon runs off with someone other than Kate.

We would like to end on a personal note.

You probably know this from blogs we wrote.

Anna has a job teaching in the 'hood,

and while some days are hard, God has been good.

She and Nathan have been married a whole year and a half,

and they have a funny little dog who always makes them laugh.

Corrie still stays at home: a wife and mommy first.

She loves her job so much, her heart could literally burst.

One last shout out to our dad-to fill his heart with pride.

His team has done quite well this year, so to that we say ROLL TIDE!!!

Yes, 2009 has been quite a year...

It has been full of God's blessings, His grace, and good cheer.

But with open arms, we welcome 2010,

And we hope to see you on our blog again!!


  1. What a GREAT Poem, all rhymey and everything! Ya'll should do another one next year, or maybe every other year. Don't run a good thing in the ground...Just kidding, you two are what fills my heart with pride, but I do love the Crimson Tide, hey, what do you know I made a rhyme, I'll give you some pointers for the next time.

  2. You guys are too much...way too much. And just cause dad thinks he can rhyme a little too, makes all of you over the top. :)

  3. As somewhat of a lyrical genius myself, this post particularly tickles my fancy. Loved the poem, ladies. It definitely reflected the 3 or 4 hours that you worked on it lol

  4. Wow this cracked me up. Great job guys!