Saturday, January 30, 2010


Today, I sit inside my cozy home, looking at the ice covering the trees, and I just feel so grateful for my simple little life. I love days like today when I have absolutely nowhere to be and nothing to do but love on my sweet family. We have been so very lazy today, and it has been wonderful! We have cuddled on the couch and watched Planet Earth- the one about the arctic tundra-where there is a LOT of ice. We have had hot chocolate and played and read books....sounds dreamy, huh?
I have always been a home-body. I am just wired that way. As a teenager, most weekends were spent hanging out at my house. (It helped having really fun parents.) And even now, I love to entertain and have people over and even go out occasionally, but I am most content in the comfort of my own home. I so enjoy a simple picnic in the backyard with the girls or a walk around the block. I love opening every window in the spring and grilling out. I love late nights of playing outside in the summer. I LOVE everything about the fall. And even the winter has it's upside-days like today... filled with hot tea and movies! I want my children to grow up appreciating the simple things in life. I want our home to be a happy place where they can slow down and just be kids. I want us, as a family, to continue to be, as Lily puts it, "the most favorite of friends." I look back with the fondest of memories growing up. And you know what? It's not the running around and going a million places that I remember (because we didn't). It's the life-giving, loving home and the millions of memories we made there that shine in my mind.
And that's why I love days like today. I'm not saying I won't have a little cabin fever by Monday, but it is such a good reminder to slow down and ENJOY what matters most.


  1. I'm a little jealous of you right now with that sweet peapod cuddling with you. But I completely agree with this post- obviously I am the exact same way! I am most comfortable in my home (I am counting your home and mom and dads as my home as well for the time being-haha). We were blessed to have such a safe, happy place to call home-and that is what I want (and have) for my family. Give me a relaxing day or night at home with my hubby, and I will choose that over almost any other option. :)

  2. I love this post~ I am a serious homebody and my childhood memories are centered around our home & all the fun we had together. We did travel a lot, but it was simple memories that make me smile the most.

    Even today, we sat and watched two movies as a family, made smores in the fire place and just had fun together. I also pray our boys will remember that when we were together it was most special, no matter what we were doing! The example we set of living simply is what will impact them the most. We cannot just "talk" about it, but we must be intentional to live it out! Love y'alls blog, mostly b/c I love y'all and how close you are:)