Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Happy Bird-day, Anna!!

A quarter of a century ago today, my sweet sister was born. Growing up, my mom always told us that we would be best friends some day. At the time, we were having some knock-down, drag-out fights, and although we were close friends, I don't think we grasped how true my mom's words would be. But...here we are. We are absolutely best friends. We don't go a day without talking several times, and I can hardly wait until she is back in town so that I can see her daily too!

Besides being my sister and friend, Anna is genuinely one of my favorite people. To know her is to love her. She lights up a room just by being in it. She is hilarious! She keeps our family laughing constantly. I love that I can have a blast with her anytime we're together, but at the same time, I can tell her anything too. I trust her opinion as much as anyone-from the very important things to what to wear on a date night. I even talk with her about parenting! That is because Anna is constantly observing and studying the best way to do everything. She always strives for the best. She has such a teachable spirit, and because of that, she has so much wisdom and insight to offer. She is a student of the Word, and I love that her life totally reflects it. I admire her so much. She is an amazing and godly wife and a loyal and honest friend. She has the kindest heart, and she is so authentic. Her focus is on things and relationships that have eternal value. She is drop-dead gorgeous, but it is truly her spirit that makes her one of a kind.
Anna is teaching this year, and I am so proud of her. She handles things so much better than most would. I am constantly impressed by her! She is such a hard worker, and she excels at every job she has ever had. I am so excited for her next job... to become a mom. (I am REALLY ready for her to get this job-haha) She has a heart for God and her home, so I know she will make an amazing mommy. She is already the best aunt ever! Everything Anna does, she does so passionately. She loves, laughs, plays games, tells stories, and lives in a way that shows her whole heart is in it.

I really adore Anna. She is the best friend and confidant anyone could hope for. She is such an encourager. When I had Lily, all I could think was "I really hope I have another girl." I wanted Lily to have an "Anna." And I pray everyday that Lily and Evie will be to each other what Anna is to me. I am blessed beyond measure to have her as a sister, and I really hope one day we do find houses right next door to each other:) Anna, I love you so so much, and I hope you have the happiest birthday/birth month!
Oh yeah....she has THE BEST smile ever.

This picture makes me laugh.


  1. Oh, this post made me cry! It was the sweetest thing I have ever read about myself! lol.. You are the best! Thank you for writing these sweet words to me on my bday! It made my day! I love you!!!

  2. This blog entry is so true about Anna! As someone who truly knows the blessings of having a sister so close to me, I can relate to these things and it made me cry too! :) Of course these days, so does a lot of things, haha! But seriously, all these things above are true and I also hope you have a wonderful birthday Anna! :)

  3. Great post! These are just a couple of the THOUSANDS of things I love about my Annie! I am so incredibly thankful for being blessed with such an amazing woman as my wife! I love you Anna!