Saturday, November 7, 2009

Yay! We have a blog!

Hey friends!! Welcome to our very first post on our very first blog. We have been wanting to start a blog for quite some time now. Okay, um...more like two weeks. But we have recently become blog readers. And we realized we so enjoyed it! So we wanted to join the world of bloggers. I mean, we have a LOT to say. We cannot guarantee that it will be interesting whatsoever, but dosh-garn it, we are going to try! We are pretty funny. Well, we laugh at each other (if that counts). Anyway, we plan for this blog to be an assortment of funny everyday things, our random thoughts about whatever we are thinking, and who knows, we might even be serious at times. So...grab a kleenex, because whether you are laughing or crying...tears will come. :)...or maybe :(

We enjoy various types of blogs. Some are very inspirational, and we come away encouraged and with a renewed spirit. Do not expect this from us much. However, we probably will post whatever the Lord is laying on heart from time to time. Becoming the wife/mother/woman that God desires us to be has really been on the forefront of our hearts lately. That is partly why we started a blog together. Through various books and bible studies we have each done, God is igniting a passion in us to "looketh well" to the ways of our household. (Proverbs 31:27) We love that, as sisters, we can encourage each other in this area.

Lastly, this post was done together. We wrote it sitting on the couch. However, because our couches are 150 miles apart for the time being (boo!), most of the posts will be contributed by us separately. We will let you know who posts what. You know, so that you can rave about us as individuals. ;) Happy reading!! ~Corrie and Anna


  1. Can't wait! Definitely excited about this blog!

  2. Congratulations on your first blog! You'll do a great job because you are an excellent mom, wife, and woman. Have fun!

    I'm looking forward to the crazy JPS and Potter blogs, Anna.

  3. Yay!! I'm finally following and subscribed! Whoo hoo! I'm excited about these blogs.