Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Life Is OVER

Ok, that is a little dramatic. But something terrible, awful happened to me today… I dropped my phone in the toilet (luckily before I used it), and it DIED on the spot. No bringing it back… no resuscitation… just simply no more phone. My heart sank the minute it happened. This is not the first time I have done this with a phone (word to the wise: phones can easily fall out of pockets), so I knew it was over. I was at work with no means of communication to the outside world! Okay, that is a lie—I teach Computer Discovery… I have computers in my face all day. I emailed Nathan immediately… But no INSTANT means of communication. What am I supposed to do if a student is going crazy in my room and I need to call the principal? Or what if something happens and I need to call the police? Or what if my car breaks down on the way home from work? How long will it be before I can get a new phone? My poor 5th period class did not get much of my attention because I was focused on one thing and one thing only… these obsessive thoughts of mine.

Normally on my way home from school, I am on the phone. Without fail, Nathan, my mom, and my sister will call me to ask how my day has gone (which I love and appreciate). Today, however, I was left to just think. I started thinking about what life was like 10 years ago (ONLY 10 years ago). Some people MAY have owned a cell phone, but most people did not. Most households had a little thing called LANDLINES! We talked on a phone connected to a wall (or at very least within a 2 ft radius of our home). How did we get by?? We got by because that is all we knew. I then started to realize how ridiculous I was being over this stupid phone! Am I putting too much focus on this piece of technology? The answer is yes. God has funny ways of getting a point across sometimes!

Despite my mishap today, I did not die. In fact, no one died as a result of my lifeless phone. I am not saying cell phones are bad. They are very convenient and might even save a life in some cases (and yet in some cases take lives—i.e. texting while driving!! but that is another topic for another day). I am not someone who is always talking on the phone, but I do rely on it for a lot. I just hope from now on, I will be able to put it in perspective.

There was life before cell phones and life goes on without them :)


  1. HAHAHA! Okay, I realize it's probably not that funny. But it is a LITTLE humorous that this is the second phone you have dropped in the potty. And I did miss talking to you on the way home. But I have thought of life before cell phones too! I mean, seriously, what was a stranded woman on the side of the road to do without being able to call her husband? I've been without my cell phone for a day or so before. At first, I kinda felt panic-stricken. Then...I felt kind of free...aahhhhh. All that said, make sure you don't drop your phone in the toilet again. At least not while you live in Jackson. Just wait until you live next door. Then I can walk over and ask you about your day. Enjoy your new (less than stellar) phone! Now you will know how I feel to have an absolutely no frills phone.

  2. ok this was really funny! I thought I would add a few lines of Anna and my gmail chat conversation to let you in on how desperate this situation was :)

    Anna: it just got stuck on vibrate, so I had to take the battery back off. I didnt know how to take off the screen
    me: well i don't think you can
    Anna: oh boo! what are we going to do? I'm very very upset about it
    me: keep everything apart though..and let it sit until you get home
    Anna: it's not like I can go without a phone
    me: we'll have to go up there to cellsouth. i could take it tomorrow probably
    Anna: um... no. we will go as soon as i get off work
    me: lol ok

    Good first post, Annie! Looking forward to more!

  3. the post is even funnier! Thanks, Nathan!

  4. When you said your heart "sank", I just knew the next line would be along with your phone!!!I loved the blog. BTW, I still have my old, old, black phone but it works frills but it does have predictive text, so you would be back in business..:)

  5. Hilarious!!! I have never dropped my phone in the toilet but back in the old days, I most certainly dropped my BEEPER in the toilet! lol. Why I needed a pager at the ripe old age of 15, I do not know. But I was desparate without it.
    Glad you got your phone back Anna! The worst part for me would be losing all my numbers!

  6. Poor Anna. I know how desperate I would be without mine also. Especially since we don't have a house phone!

  7. I told you it was a crappy phone!