Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Gobble, Gobble

Happy Thanksgiving from the both of us!! Yes, you heard right. We are back on the same couch, preparing for our favorite day of the year. We LOOOVVVVEEEE the food. We LOOOOVVVVEEEE seeing family. And, most importantly, we LOOOOVVVVVEEEEE our Lord who has graciously blessed us far beyond what we deserve.
This day is a great time to reflect on the many things for which we are grateful. First and foremost, we are thankful to be forgiven, loved, chosen children of God. We are thankful for family, friends, health, jobs, shelter, food, clothing, living in America, and the freedom we enjoy. The list goes on and on, but you get the picture..... we are happy to be alive!!
Speaking of happiness (how's that for a segway?), we have always adored the beloved fourth Thursday of November. In honor of this day and our deep affections, we will share with you an original. This was conceived in our wee little brains four score and seven years ago. Well...maybe more like seventeen years ago. Point is: we were good. I mean, raw talent here. If you know us, you know we are quite the poets. Really, we just like to rhyme. We don't understand "poems" that don't rhyme. But we will save that soapbox for another day. So...without further adieu (drum roll, please)..we introduce to you our first Thanksgiving poem (which we like to sing and dance, therefore technically making it more of a song).
A Thanksgiving Day
It was a Thanksgiving day when the turkeys went to play.
They were a' runnin and a' lookin,
Cause they didn't wanna be cookin'.
But when the hunter came around he said
We have a Thanksgiving dinner now.
We have a Thanksgiving dinner now.
We know, amazing...huh? We have had this jewel in our heads for years now. Our mom and dad have probably heard it sung every November. And now, our husbands have the privilege of listening (and watching) this beauty unfold. We hope this brings joy to your turkey day. And if you know anyone in the record industry (or children's poem industry--do they have one?), please pass our names along.
Have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! And to all a goodnight!!
Singer/Songwriters: Corrie and Anna


  1. the best part ever is to see Anna sing/dance/do motions to this song! I love it!

  2. I would like to point out, in case it is not ABUNDANTLY clear in the post, that we did make this poem up at the young ages of about 7 and 9. We have just remembered it all these years.

  3. I LOVE this post! Hilarious! I think its the cutest thing! I am not sure I'm brave enough to blog about all the funny stuff Jessica and I have done/played/made-up all these years, but this one was definitely worth sharing! Happy Thanksgiving girls! :)

  4. I love the beautiful song creativity of my wife, so talented and creative! Although, I wonder what the real lyrics are considering the number of songs that have been royally butchered by the both of you!

  5. Okay Patrick, love your comment. And definitely love the poem girls. NICE. very nice.