Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sorry...but it's my blog, so I can

Hey blog readers! Okay, so we decided to sale our house. We're going to try the FSBO route for a few weeks before actually listing it. So...yes, I am about to post a link for all of you to view a few pics of my house. I realize that probably no one that reads this is going to buy our home, but I'm going to give this "for sale by owner" thing my best effort. Besides, if someone comes soon...we can certainly negotiate a little more if we don't have to pay a realtor a large chunk of our cash. So people, if ANYONE you know is interested, please give me a call or send me a message!! Okay, that's all of the soliciting I will ever do on this blog. I promise. I think. Unless I need to again... Oh, and if anyone brings me a buyer without a realtor involved, I promise you I will literally give you a thousand dollars. We are willing to co-op with a realtor if necessary, though. However, I cannot guarantee $1000 at that time. :) Okay, I'm shutting up.

Check us out! Have a GREAT labor day weekend! I know I will as we make small, but necessary, improvements to our house :/

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  1. Congrats!! Okay, since you used your blog to shamelessly list your house, shouldn't you also tell all of us readers the reason BEHIND the sale of your home?? Didn't know you guys were thinking of moving! You could have jumped on the moving band wagon with me and Sarah, haha!! Good luck!