Monday, September 6, 2010

I love my first friend!!

Due to how very sick I have been, I am late on a very important blog! I will be blogging about all that goodness in a later post (no promises to when because it is REALLY hard for me to even look at a computer these days).

I missed Corrie's birthday blog.. a while ago. It was not forgotten about. In fact, I had been excited all year to write her birthday blog. But I missed it :( Not on purpose, but I still missed it. Before I can write another single blog about anything, and although it is not her birthday anymore, I still want to say a word about my first friend. I knew it would kind of be a hard one for me to write because it is hard to say how much I love her- and the reasons why.

She is my best friend. All of my life (even when we were fighting like crazy as teens) I have looked up to Corrie. To me, she, almost always, knows best. She has, almost always, done what is right. She truly was my first friend. We have always been very close, but there were a few years (those preteen and teenage years) that I highly doubted we would ever be best friends. But as the years went by and as we both matured, we became super close. I can't even remember the last time we argued. And now, there is not a day that goes by that I don't talk to her at least 3 times. Most days, I even get to see her! I have so much fun with her every time we are together- even if we are just sitting on her couch talking. It never gets old or boring. And it is our dream to live next to each other... hopefully that dream will come true sooner rather than later :)

She is so wise. I know that I can go to her for the best, most God-centered advice- always with my best interest at heart. She isn't scared to tell me things she knows I will not want to hear. She is the best mediator when I am upset in situations involving others.

She is the best mom. I adore watching her with her girls. Luckily, we had a wonderful mom growing up that taught us well. But now that Nathan and I are so close to parenthood, I pay close attention to the details of parenting. Corrie (and Patrick) are such awesome role models in that area. I ask Corrie all the time if she cares if I copy an idea. I am literally writing them down. I am constantly impressed with her.

She is a godly woman. Again, in every aspect of her life: marriage, motherhood, friendships, etc.. she shows God's love in an awesome way. There is no doubt who comes first in their household! I love that we can talk about all that stuff together! -- it is so encouraging and it keeps me held accountable! I love it!

She is so fun. She is crazy and so funny and a little nerdy. haha. She always makes me laugh. Sometimes, I am laughing at her... but laughing nonetheless!

So.. in a nutshell. I love my first friend! I just wanted to post a short little note about her greatness :) I think she is great- and anyone privileged enough to know her loves her too! You just can't not.


  1. Birdie, that was way too sweet! You made me cry! I love you so much. You're the best! Thank you for such a sweet and loving blog:) It made my day!

  2. This was great!! I agree with everything. She is the :) I love both you gals.

  3. That was very sweet Anna. Jenna, your comment cracked me up.

    Anna, if you do not hurry up & write your important post, we are going to have to write one for you!

  4. JENNA!!! You stole my signature saying! LOL!!! I love it! Ok, back to responding to the actual blog. I love it, Anna. Everything you said was totally TRUE, in EVERY way. And yes, I find myself trying to steal ideas from Corrie; she's a wonderful mom, a fantastic wife, and an awesome friend. And she definitely deserved this blog. And I agree with Jenna: it was the BOMB.COM!

  5. What a sweet blog ....speaks well of you both. In order to have a great sister, you must be a great sister. OK, not necessarily..but it certainly helps the process.