Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I need help, advice, tips...whatever you call it. Patrick and I are going to Disney World in two and a half weeks. We have been SO excited about this trip! We are actually going without our kids...I know, I know. Who goes to Disney World without their kids? Isn't it made for kids?? Well, we are basically twelve years old at heart, so it's actually quite fitting. We've been wanting to get away (just the two of us) and take a little mini-vacation. Everything we came up with just paled in comparison to the glorious fun that is Disney. So...we booked it and haven't regretted our decision on the place at all. I would like to add that we are planning on taking the kids in a year for a big, huge vacation with my whole family. Can't wait!! We are telling ourselves that we're just going to "check it out" for everyone. haha:)

Anyway, back to needing advice. You see, the closer we get to leaving, the more anxious I am getting about leaving the girls. I have been ridiculously looking forward to this, and now all I can think about is how much I am going to miss them. We will be gone four nights, and I've never ever been away from them for more than a night. (Well, Lily went to Alabama with my mom for two nights, and that was tough!) So...I need some words of wisdom from my friends who have been on a mini-vacation without their kids. Will I have fun?? Or will I miss them terribly and be miserable?? Is there anything I can do to help me NOT sob the whole time? Does it get easier each time? I know this probably all sounds silly. I mean, it is only four nights. But...it's our first time. And I really love my girls:) So, please...give this nervous mother some encouragement!! If you read this and do not have kids, any tips on Disney World would be appreciated too. Favorite restaurants? Best rides? Skip this? Don't miss that? I'm desperate for some sort of feedback.

Thanks for reading, and thank you for the words of wisdom that I just KNOW you will leave me:) And now I leave you with these two adorable little faces: Can you see why I'm not looking forward to leaving these babies?? Oh, I love them so!!


  1. Can I cram myself into your suitcase? I WANNA go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, no really. I totally understand your reservations about leaving 2 of the cutest girls in the WORLD, but I know it's going to be GREAT for you and P. And I think you're going to be fine; you may shed a few tears now and then, but you know L and E are going to do great. After all, Birdie and I are going to SPOIL them! And they will be absolutely SMOTHERED with kisses. SO EXCITED ABOUT YOUR TRIP!!!

  2. Ok, the fact that I am worse than you are about my kids doesn't help. I didn't leave them for a trip until Zac was 5!!! So, you are doing better than me! Of course, there were a lot of times when Tim was in the hospital that they had to stay with my parents for a week or more, but they came to see us every other day. I think that since you know that they will be more than happy where they are, you should think of it as a vacation for them too! They will get away with and get to do things they don't normally get to do at home. So, think about how much fun they are having and have fun yourself! You and Patrick will have a wonderful time together. Maybe make a new baby for the new house :o) Really try to pretend you are on your 2nd honeymoon! Whenever you thing about the girls don't focus on missing them focus on how much fun they are having on their vacation.
    On Disney, we went last summer. If you have tickets for all the parks, these are my thoughts. Animal Kingdom was a waste of time. The only thing there that was fun was the ride like they used to have at OpryLand where you are in a big round raft/boat and go around the river and everyone gets soaked. Nothing really special there in our opinion. Not impressed with the animals. We skipped the water parks because the kids were having too much fun with the other stuff and we thought we could just do a waterpark another time. But, they do look really cool and if you guys like waterparks I would def go try both of them out. Of course Magic Kingdom was great, lots of everything! Hollywood Studios is where you will also want to spend some time. Not sure what shows they are doing now, but last summer they were doing an Indiana Jones live stunt show and a big Star wars thing. Probably several other things we would have looked at if we were there without the kids. We also did Sea World and the kids had just as much fun there as Disney!
    Eat out of the park whenever possible unless you bought a meal pass. We didn't buy the passes, I have only heard about them and this was Tim's parent's treat for the whole crew so they made those calls!
    If I think of anything else I'll let you know! HAVE FUN!!!!!
    Amanda Vickers

  3. Well obviously I can't give you any advice since I do not have kids, just a dog and leaving her at the kennel isn't heartbreaking (cold, huh??) But, Ben & I are going to Disney in October for our anniversary so I might need some of y'alls advice when y'all return. Hope y'all have a fabulous trip & maybe your house will sell before then!

  4. As usual I have tons of opinions but I'd rather share them in person when I loan you my super chic fanny pack!
    I will say that I have left my girls many times for fun trips and though it's tough, it is WONDERFUL and worth it to have that special time for just you and Patrick!! More later! :-)

  5. Your children will have a great time...we will make absolutely sure of it. Call often the first couple of days...when you hear them laughing in the background, you will breath a sigh of relief. If you have several such episodes, your need to call will lessen. Then, lo and behold, you will be having so much fun you will stop and think..."gee, I need to call about the kids". I've been there.

  6. absolutely make, that is...lol