Thursday, April 22, 2010

When the dog bites..

When the bee stings, when I'm feeling sad...I simply remember my favorite things, and then I don't feeeeellllll soooooo baaadddddd!!! Please excuse my blog rendition of an old favorite. Didn't you just love The Sound of Music? Anna and I did! Although, I heartily disagree with parts of that song. How in the world could snowflakes that stay on your eyelashes possibly be a favorite thing? Sounds thoroughly annoying to me. But I digress...The main point of this blog is actually not to talk of one of my beloved movies. It's about my favorite things! Yay!!

I have lots of favorite things. Probably it will take up more than just one (or two or three blogs), but I must start somewhere. Please understand me...these are my favorite products. Words would never do justice to my true favorite things/people/relationships. Anyway, if you are anything like me, you are a sucker. I get sucked right in by advertisments, recommendations, etc. If someone swears by some product, I promise you I will go out and buy it the next day. In fact, everything I am going to list is from someone raving about how wonderful they think it is. goes:

I feel like I must start with coffee. Maxwell House. Good to the last drop.

If you saw my post from a few days ago, you know I love Nutella. I eat it every morning on
my whole grain Pepperidge Farm english muffin. With my coffee. Have I ever mentioned how
much I love routine? Because I do. I eat the same thing for breakfast EVERYDAY. And
the same thing for lunch EVERYDAY. And I love it. But seriously, people, try some Nutella.

A friend of mine introduced me to this next product. It's Mr. Clean Magic Erasers.
They are amazing. Ink stain on your leather purse? check. Paint on your baseboard? check.
Scuff marks on your wood floors? check. Nasty bathroom grossness? check. (Not that MY bathroom is EVER gross)

Oh...where would I be without this next product?? I really am going to do an entire blog about my Chi one day. But for now, it just gets a little shout out. Without going any further, please do not judge this amazing little straightening iron based on how my hair looks MOST of the time. Anna bought one years ago, and I held out for quite some time. Too much money. But then my crazy, afro hair got the best of me. So I buckled down and bought one. (From a significantly cheaper rate than retail stores...but still pricey) But my life changed. My hair is crazy thick with a LOT of body. Great for my "curly" days...horrible when I want to look polished and sleek. (Did I just say that?) Really, though, it's a miracle worker. I plan to post before and after pics at some point. Only if you promise not to laugh.

Okay, this is SO not a product. But my new favorite show is Community on NBC. It is hilarious. I think the writers are genius, and I laugh hard every Thursday night.

And last but not least, my new favorite author. Yes, I know...not a product. But I'm really digging him. I made a new years resolution to go back and read some of the classics that I have never read before. I am making good on that resolution (about the only one). But it has been well worth my time. I really, REALLY love to read. I am not just one of those people that say that and then rarely pick up a book. I am never without some book. Usually a few. And I like a lot of different genres. But I have discovered something about myself. I love a good book that I just can't put down for the life of me. But my favorite type of book is one that makes me think. I love a book that deals with major issues...It makes me want to go back to college and write a killer essay. I'm a dork. But this is precisely why I have a new favorite author (although he is by no means new....he's six feet under). John Steinbeck. I recently read of East of Eden and LOVED it. It was so juicy and rich and thought provoking...good v. evil, nature v. nurture, free will, sin...It was amazing. I don't agree with Oprah on everything, but I agree with her on this: It's a must read. Now I am going back and reading every other book he wrote.

Now you have my short list of favorites. There will be more to come. Anna has a list, and I have many more things to recommend. What are some of your "can't live without it" products? Or TV shows? Or authors? Or books? Looking forward to a shopping spree after I read your suggestions:)


  1. OK...I must take credit for your intro to Magic might have heard of it from a friend, but when I mentioned the beauty of it, you said, "oh yeah, a friend had mentioned it too". THEN, you promptly stole my magic eraser!!! I'm with you on all your favorite things...can't keep Nutella though because I will eat it by the spoonfuls.

  2. Great post Corrie! But Nutella every day??? Wow!
    And Steinbeck is the man, I agree! This made me want to go find my Magic Erasers and get to work! Okay not really. :) But seriously, good one! I love favorite things blogs and have often thought of having a "favorite things" party where everyone brings a fave thing or two and introduces them to the group, like an Oprah episode but without all the freebies, hahaha.

  3. What a fun post! I had to really think, but I cannot live without Uncle Ben's Wild Rice original recipe~ we eat it at least 2x a week! I also could never live without baskets or bags. I am obsessed! Finally, my Brother label maker and scrapbook tags ~ I have a thing for organizing and labeling:) more thing, my heated mattress pad which I turn on about 350 days out of the year!

  4. I loved all your favorite things Corrie, except Nutella. I must say I have never tried it though. Magic Erasers are wonderful, it is unbelievable the stains they can remove.

    I really enjoyed this post. I can't wait to read the next one. I'm betting that I can predict some of Anna's favorites.

  5. I can't believe I am the 5th person to comment! haha.. Great post!! I LOVE Nutella. Lindsey- you must try it! I had tried it before you started eating it, but I had forgotten about it. I don't eat it everyday, but I do always have some in my pantry. I am definitely going to be reading some Steinbeck this summer.. can't wait!
    Um, I adore coffee, and I can't live without my straightener. What did my hair look like before I had it? It must have been bad the majority of my life.
    I already have my list going of my favorite things. :)