Friday, April 9, 2010

Our Blog Rocks!

Blog Award!

Corrie and I are happy to announce that we have received our first blog award! YAY!! We won the Master of Karate and Friendship Award!! For this award, we have to list 6 things that I, Anna, (since I am writing this blog) am a master in and then pass it on to fellow bloggers who I think are masters at friendship and making blogging awesome. My dear friend, Lindsey, at her awesome blog:
Magnolias and Goobers gave us this lovely award!

This will be all from my perspective though because I am on my couch in Jackson and Corrie is three long hours away from me right now.

1. I am a master at remembering dates.
What were you doing April 9, 2007? Most probably do not remember. I, however, have an ability to remember what happened and when most of the time. Obviously, I can remember big events (birthdays, weddings, engagement dates, moving dates, etc…) but I can also remember those unimportant things like dates of last years doctor appointments (mine, Bella’s, Nathan’s), an uneventful weekend, dates of all my wedding showers… anyway, you get the point. This is what goes on in my head: I think back to the time, remember something I did around that time, connect it to what I am trying to remember, figure out how long the time was between the two things I am remembering, and BAM! I know it! Oh, and April 9, 2007—that was easy. I was showing off my new engagement ring and getting a manicure- it was cloudy that day- but I was oh so happy!!

2. I am a master at budgeting.
No not really budgeting, budgeting. Not like the everyday kind of budgeting. (Yeah, right!) I’m talking about the fun budgeting-like when you get a pretty nice size tax return, and you must decide where to spend all that money! Before the check was even in our bank account, I had every bit of it budgeted… literally down to the penny. I must say, had that check not come, I am not sure how we would have survived the next few months. But now, thanks to my husband attending a very expensive school and me making very little as a teacher, the government gave us what was due to us, and our families will enjoy gifts at Christmas and birthdays. Other than that, it is all going toward upcoming expenses. YUCK! However, I did budget in a small portion of it for a new table and rug.

3. I am a master at avoiding cops.
I feel as though I was born with a super natural ability to spot those half-hidden police cars sitting behind bushes waiting for their prey. I should be careful in saying this (pride comes before the fall), but I have never gotten a speeding ticket. I can spot a Ford Crown Victoria miles away. The only ticket my little car has ever received was a ticket for my expired tag. And I wasn’t even driving it! Ha.ha. Nathan just doesn’t have the abilities I do. This leads me to my next master craft—

4. I am a master procrastinator.
I come by this honestly. My mom is a procrastinator (on some things), Corrie is a procrastinator, and so am I. It is a learned art. In school, I would wait until the night before something was due to do everything. Papers, tests, projects, everything! I work well under pressure because I also am somewhat of a perfectionist. So, I may wait until the last minute—but it is going to be good!! I am a procrastinator at its best. Sometimes it comes to bite me in the rear though- (i.e. ticket for my tags). Similar to procrastinating, I am always late. I can wake up 30 minutes earlier than normal and still manage to be late. That most definitely runs in my blood, thanks mom!

5. I am a master at falling asleep.
When my head hits the pillow-I’m out. I go to bed when I am sleepy (which for me is around 10:30), so when I lay down, I can be in dreamland within minutes. On nights Nathan stays up to study (which is often), he tucks me in. I am literally in the beginning stages of sleep while we are saying goodnight to each other. He has told me that he has come back in the room two minutes later, and I am in a deep sleep. I love it!

The above picture is an actual picture of mastery #5 in action. Nathan snuck in our room (five minutes after telling me goodnight) to take this funny picture of me sleeping with me legs up. I had no clue he was ever in the room.

6. I am a master planner
What will I be doing three weekends from now? I most assuredly already know. What will I be doing three Thursdays from now- I know that too. I like everything planned out. I am not spontaneous at all. I was asked to go to a movie on Wednesday for later Wednesday night… um, no! It was already Wednesday! How could I possibly have that little of notice and still go? I know I should probably work on this, but it is just the way I am. I even plan times to relax. Most days, I have every minute planned from the time I wake up until the time I go to bed.

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  1. haha!! Too funny!! I'm not exactly sure how being a procrastinator and a planner tie in together, but I can totally attest to the fact that it is very true in both cases. Maybe you plan to always wait til the last minute? I do. Lol...And also, I kinda hate you for being able to fall asleep so easily. I'm definitely the master at thinking of everything under the sun the minute my head hits the pillow.

  2. OK, I learned something new about you in this blog. First, I didn't know you were so good with dates. Secondly, I didn't know you couldn't be spontaneous at must work on that one. I would have missed some of my best times without being spontaneous. You say go to me and I have my purse, and am out the door.....possibly car door, as in Massachusettes.

  3. Oh geez.. I certainly did not learn not to be spontaneous from you, Mom! The Massachusetts event was epic! haha... I really should work on that.
    And Corrie, I was just thinking today how my planning and procrastination go together, and it is exactly as you said-- I plan to procrastinate! Just that simple. lol

  4. OK, you are welcome for points #4 and #5. I am thrilled to know one of my offspring recognized and absorbed a few traits I do so well. You should thank me, right before you go to sleep tonight, or wait, no, think about it and resolve to thank me tomorrow night.

  5. All of these are so unbelievably true. However, the scariest thing about #1 is that, not only do you remember where you were on a certain date, but you remember what EVERYONE WAS WEARING!!!! It's just pure craziness!
    #2 I'm very thankful for.
    You definitely just jinxed yourself on #3--didn't you get a ticket when you got in that wreck? (something I still haven't done :) )
    Your procrastination added to my procrastination is always fun.......
    #5 is pretty incredible as well. Anna often calls from the bedroom, "Nathan, I'm going to bed." And by the time I walk from the dining room to the bed, she's nearly out......
    And #6...By no means am I spontaneous, but I'm also not nearly as much of a planner as Anna. I think you've rubbed off on me though :)

  6. Your a freak for #1. Especially since you remember what people were wearing!

    What are you doing 3 thursdays from now?????

    I love you and all your masterys!

  7. What a fun blog entry! On to accept my award on my blog now, stay tuned! lol.

  8. haha, now our conversation on Saturday all makes sense! :)
    I was just thinking I needed to make a blog entry on our poor little "photo blog!" But, seeing as how I also struggle with #4...we will see :)