Saturday, May 1, 2010

When the bee stings...

Favorite Things, part 2! Like Corrie mentioned, reading about people's favorite things is the best. I love to know what people like, and I hope you will enjoy seeing some of the things I love. We have had so much fun writing these two posts, I feel certain there will be more favorites to come! In fact, I am already making another "oh my word, I just love this ______" list now! I just have too many to put all in one blog post! They are my Life's Little Pleasures- and I do mean little pleasures.

On to my list...
Like Corrie, I love coffee. But, I have a new love. Hot tea. When we were younger, my mom would often host tea parties for Corrie and me, so I have fond memories of the taste of hot tea. This fall at The Merry Marketplace, we stumbled across this precious tea themed booth. All those sweet memories came back. To my excitement, mom gave Corrie and me one of these cute little Japanese teapots with an infuser inside. We also got the Pomegranate flavored black (loose) tea... YUM! And I bought Georgia Sunshine (a peach tea) that I love as well. I hardly go a day without my tea fix. It is so relaxing. You can find these products here.

My mom recently bought me a happy that I love. It is a crossbody purse. I call it my shopping purse, and it is perfect for such an occasion! The zipper part in the front is a built-in wallet! It holds my sunglasses, phone, and lip gloss. Don't get me wrong, I still love my big purses, but they are too big when I'm out-and-about going in and out of stores, etc..
If you are not sleeping under a duvet, you are missing out. I feel like I am snuggled up to clouds every night. It is insanely comfortable, warm (but not hot), and wonderful. Our comforter would always fall off the bed -but not this one! I highly recommend it.
I wear my Pandora bracelet everyday. I wanted one for so long (long before they were popular), and I finally got one! Two Christmases ago, my parents got me the bracelet and my family has helped fill it up. It is still a work in progress, but it is close! Every charm means something significant to me (tells a story in a sense), and even though there are cheaper imitations out there now, I still love it. It is still authentically Pandora, and I can picture my granddaughter wearing it someday.
I could not live without my steamer. I have even named him, as he is now a special part of the Rucker family, Stan. Stan the Steamer. What did I do with my life before I had a steamer? How did I get the wrinkles out of clothes that cannot be ironed? How often did I iron? I despise ironing. Now, the only thing I ever iron are khakis pants (and those are rarely worn for the very fact that I have to iron them). My steamer is a Conair. It is light-weight, and it folds down small for easy storing.
So now you know a few of my favorite things that I would not like to live without. Continue to share yours and stay tuned for more of our favorite things!


  1. You and your sister are my favorite things.

  2. It was almost more than I could take. When I posted my previous comment, that secret word or phrase that you have to type before the comment will post was BLESSED. I truly am.

  3. Oh wow, that's so cool! Thanks daddy! :) I love you!

  4. Love those favorite things!! I love my little teapot too. I don't use it as often as you do, but it is still one of those little things I just really enjoy having. Especially in the winter. Also, I am pretty much sold on getting a steamer. I am going to be looking for one on sale. And finally, I told you that you would love sleeping under a down comforter!! They are amazing.

  5. My fave thing is now your Dad's response! So sweet!
    Love your fave things blogs, I am now going to have to piggyback and do one of my own soon, since apparently your blog is the only way I get blog ideas these days, haha.
    Thanks for the recommendation for the pom tea (sounds YUM!) and the steamer. I had a little handheld one but it broke and now I just have to let my master ironer (Gary) do all my ironing, as rare as it is I need something ironed. I agree with all your other faves, as they are so me of mine too! Except I don't have a cute teapot. I saw some adorable ones at Pier 1 that are calling my name though! Maybe once I'm out of this de-cluttering phase...haha

  6. And Bret, consider yourself lucky, my word before posting was "juderes" whatever the heck that is.

  7. Oh and I don't have a Pandora but I LOVE the concept and LOVE yours! :)

  8. Oh, Mr. Brett that was the sweetest.

    Ok, Anna no wonder why we are best friends. It is so freaky about your favorites. Let me just explain why.

    -I bought a duvet last week.
    -I've been looking for a crossbody because they are apparently all the rave and their functionality. (spelling?)
    -My parents bought me a Pandora too. Now, I just got mine and its not as pretty as yours...yet :)
    -I love hot tea tooooooo!
    -I do not own a steamer, but i HATE ironing. If something needs ironing, I take it to the cleaners. A Stan the Steamer sounds like a much better investment.

    Love this post! I feel one "a favorites list" of my own in the making!

  9. A few of your favorite things are a few of my favorite things, too!
    Girl, you know I LOVE me some hot tea, too! And, I enjoyed our tea time on your last visit. We need to make a run to the warehouse next time you're in town because I need a new flavor for summer! There's nothing better than a cup of hot tea, a few yummy tea cookies :), and a book!
    Definitely with you on the duvet and the purse thing as well! I love my little brown "Coach" purse even more now that I am carrying around a baby carrier and a diaper bag, haha!
    I hate to iron as well, but for now all I use is some good ole wrinkle release--which is one of MY favorite things! I will have to check into my own Stan, though--thanks for the recommendation!

  10. OK, Anna, I was not surprised at any of your favorite things. I have to mention one of mine. I love, love the little pottery, cobalt blue, and pale green flower vases with the built in frog for the flowers to stand. You know the ones. You gave me the green one. I put a fresh flower or two from the yard in them all through the spring and summer. So simple they are..yet quite lovely.