Saturday, February 13, 2010

"It hasn't snowed this much in Jackson since 1985"

Here is a lovely picture of how I started my day yesterday (and today), a hot cup of tea next to the beautiful flowers my husband gave me for my birthday. What you can't see in this picture is the big window opened to the falling snow outside. The meteorologists had been calling for snow all week... but it is Jackson, MS. This place never gets snow! I was disappointed I missed out on the big snow at home, so I certainly did not want to get my hopes up for the same amount of snow here. To be honest, the thought of making up more days of school left me thinking-- PLEASE no snow!

**side note** My school was out for a week during the "Arctic Blast" in mid-January. Not because there was any snow/ice on the ground but because the ancient pipes in the city of Jackson couldn't handle the freezing temperatures and they busted-- leaving the whole city of Jackson without water for a week!**

I really did not (do not) want to make up any missed school days on a Saturday or, worse, during my Spring Break! Regardless of how I felt, the snow came, just as predicted, Thursday night. I woke up Friday morning to a blanket of snow covering the ground and falling from the sky. It was so beautiful and peaceful. It was such a wonderful, relaxing day, and God knew (better than me) that I desperately needed it. I love, love the feeling of being "snowed-in"... you can't go anywhere, you have nowhere to go, you are forced to just relax! I'm sure if I lived up North that "snowed-in" feeling would get old, but it never will for me here in the South!

I am such a kid-at-heart. I could not wait to get outside and play! I woke up at 7 a.m. (on my day off) and waited for Nathan to get up so we could take Bella (our dog) out. I genuinely felt sorry for all those people who do not have a child, dog, or spouse to play with in the snow! We had such a blast running in the snow, throwing snow balls, and building a snow*woman*.

The whole day, I was filled with a heart-warming JOY from God. I love His creation of snow... It makes me think of His mercy and what He did for me 18 years ago... took all of my ugliness and made me white as snow! I am amazed at His goodness. And to think, if left up to me, I would not have chosen for it to snow Friday. I love how well He knows me. What a great day to reflect on that!

I was excited to see most of the snow on left on the ground this morning. I would love for it to stay all day! I know not everyone likes the snow, but those people mainly live up North! :)


  1. I love this post! I am so glad you got your snow day. I agree, watching snow fall is so peaceful. I just love it. And what a good reminder you posted about. It's so amazing that we can hear God so clearly through something as quiet and beautiful as snow:)

  2. I love the pictures...although I'm a little disappointed there is not one posted of Nathan gracefully falling.

    I think we brought all the snow with us in our moves to South/Central MS!

  3. I think we did. Yay us! lol

  4. How can I be so blessed to have daughters who see God's goodness in everyday circumstances?