Sunday, April 3, 2011

A plug for a plug-in

It's Spring!!! Yay!! Fall and Spring are my two favorite times of year, and other than some pesky allergies, I am just loving this weather! I wake up, open all of the windows in my house, and find every excuse in the world to avoid housework so I can go outside with Lily and Evie and soak up the amazingness that is a sunny, 70 degrees day. I know all too soon that it will be really, really HOT and really, really HUMID. Oh well, I guess that's what you get for living in the south.

Anyway, not much has been going on lately. Just enjoying life... But I wanted to do a quick little post and give all of my many readers a link to buy the most awesome product ever. Okay, I really don't have that many readers. But I promise I'm not lying about the product. I'm having a basket party for my best friend, Jenna. She sales Scentsy, and if you do not have one, you are missing out. I love mine! You buy a warmer, plug it in, and then put in a little block of the ridiculously good smelling scent. You can leave it on ALL day long, and I promise the smell will fill your whole house. It's great! They have some really good, fresh, clean new spring scents that I love. I am sorry for the shameless plug, but I would feel guilty if I didn't give you the chance to buy the best thing ever. ;) Click here to shop. When you get to the page, just click on my basket party. I promise you will love them!

Also, my house is back on the FSBO market. So I totally understand if you can't get a Scentsy because you need to save money to buy my wonderful house:) But if you don't buy my house, then at least make yours smell nice. ha!


  1. I LOVE my Scentsy! You can leave it on all the time, and it won't burn your house down. It is the best thing! Also, I am getting one for Lucy Kate's nursery from your party. Someone told me they use it in their child's nursery for a night-light, so her nursery will smell wonderful AND be bright!
    And BUY CORRIE'S HOUSE!!! It is such a wonderful house, but I want her to move close(r) to me... as in the same neighborhood... next door would even be better. haha!

  2. Jenna (Scentsy Consultant Extraordinaire)...hahaApril 3, 2011 at 8:40 PM

    YAYAY!! Thanks for the shameless plug Corrie!! You are the best!!! If anyone wants to start selling scentsy under me.. that'd be great too. And buy Corrie's house. We would love you forever.

  3. Corrie you are so funny. I love my Scentsy...Camu Camu all the way.