Thursday, September 29, 2011

Letting Go

Days old

I can’t believe the last time I blogged was before I had Lucy Kate! Well, I do have a seven-month old. Maybe that’s a good excuse. Haha! Life has been gloriously different- and busy since she came into our lives. As I type this now, I am watching her on the monitor rolling around and crying, so I know this blog will take me longer to write than I wanted! Since I last wrote, I quit my awesome job, and now I stay at home with my baby—an even more awesome job, and I seriously love it!
In the past seven months, I have thought a lot about Lucy Kate’s precious little life, and I have been amazed at how quickly these past few months have gone. I don’t think I adequately prepared my heart for the quick changes babies go through. My tiny baby who, just a few months ago, couldn’t even hold up her own head is now pulling herself up to stand! And the little one whose cry in the middle of the night would quickly awake me because she couldn’t go three hours without being nursed, now soundly sleeps 12 hours at night. And the clothes in her closet that were way too big and I thought would never fit, have now been in a storage bin for 4 months because they are way too small. And the tiny voice that I so wondered (but could hardly imagine) the sound, now babbles all the time. And my hand that felt like it would never be free of holding the pacie in her mouth is no longer needed (for that) because she can do it just fine on her own. And my sweet baby that depended solely on me for food now eats dinner every night in her highchair. I know a baby can’t stay a baby forever… I just wish they could be a baby for a little longer!

At every stage of her life, we will have to face moments of her getting bigger and us letting her go a little. Right now- our “letting go” is sending her to her own room to sleep. For the past seven months, she has slept in a crib in the same room as Nathan and me at night. I have loved, loved it, but now I know it is time to send her on her own little way ACROSS the house (I am still struggling with it)! :/ As silly as it may seem, a part of me is very sad to see this stage of her life pass. However, I know that it is a small step in the process of a lifetime of letting her go. But that is God’s plan. He gave her to us to train her, teach her, love her, and let her go to be the person He planned for her to be. We are just the blessed ones He chose to help her along in the process.

I hope I never take any stage of her life or time I have with her for granted. Twenty years will be here before I know it, and one day she will be experiencing this incredible bond with her own little ones. Well.. hopefully not in TWENTY years. J

Lucy Kate 7 months


  1. Loved the post, Birdie!! And you are so right, it's all about letting them go. Small steps to help prepare us for the larger ones... Each stage that passes, I am reminded that my girls are truly not my own, but God's. But I am oh so grateful that I get to be their mommy!
    Little Lucy Kate will be just fine across the house. Her nursery is way too beautiful to for her not to enjoy:)The hardest part will be just doing it. But I'm so glad you got to enjoy her sleeping right next to you the past seven months. It is such a short, precious time that you don't get back. I never regretted for a second sharing my room as a little family while my girls were babies. It's the sweetest!

  2. Also, my typo is really bugging me. I added an extra "to" after beautiful. Geez....

  3. Aw, great post Anna! Welcome back to the blog world! :) I LOVE Lucy Kate's new pictures, I can't wait to have one! (hint) I also remember those "firsts" with Micah (and each of my kids but they were all so NEW with Micah!) and how each one was such a big deal and I will forever store them in my heart and memory! Its a blessing to see you cherishing this time with your sweet baby girl! :)

  4. Oh, my sweet and Lucy Kate.