Monday, July 12, 2010

Three in One

Ok, so it has been a busy summer. That should be no excuse. It has been REALLY busy the past two weeks. Still bad excuse. There are three precious people in my life- and I missed their Birthday Blessings blog. I think the best excuse is this--- their birthdays all fell in the same week! And I have been a bit under the weather lately- and I got behind- and missed their blog. So here goes- three in one (in the order of their birthday).

(I know, one of them is my sweet husband-I'm so bad.) I actually won't spend too much time on him because I just wrote him a sweet blog here for our anniversary. I will just say, I love him so, so much, and while I haven't been feeling well- he has been amazing! And this year, he was so wonderful about his small gift of candy and a card... but I can't wait to spoil him on his day. Hopefully I can do that next year! Nathan- I love you much, and I am very excited about our upcoming year :)

Jessica P-
Jessica and I go way back... I met Jess on the church bus one Tuesday after school (we were on our way to children's choir at Carriage Hills). Funny thing- our friendship started on a lie. She had a suitcase (that she had used for a project at school), but she told me she was packing up and going to Hawaii right after choir. And in my 4th grade brain- I believed her. I saw her at school the next day, and she told me that she did in fact go to Hawaii but was back already. Oh Jessica. haha. For some reason, I liked her- and we became fast friends. Her family was like my second family (and vice versa). We were together all the time. She came to Alabama with me to visit grandparents and I went with her whole family to the lake.. frequently. By the end of a week, we would be fighting like sisters and ready to be away from each other. One day would pass and we would be back at each other's house. We have been through so much together. Elementary, middle, and high school, countless friends, boyfriends, family issues, jobs together, college years, life after college, my wedding, a tattoo (lol)... everything. And she is still my best friend to this day. Jessica just might be the most interesting person I know. She can be shy (especially when we were younger)- and yet she is very opinionated and blunt. She is one of the smartest people I know. The girl can look over material for a test ten minutes before taking it (in college-getting her doctorate) and pass the heck out of it! She is an avid reader- and she loves movies. If you ask her if she has read a certain book or watched a certain movie- there is a really good chance she has. I love that about her. She has great taste in clothing and home decor- but she is definitely most comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt. Also, she has the tinest hands and feet of any grown person I know. She could (and has before) shop in the kids' shoe department. It's cute. Another thing I love about Jess is that she is really good to go to when seeking advice. She is so logical and godly, and anyone that knows her is drawn to her advice! Jessica is also very funny and so much fun to be around. She will look at you- straight faced- and say something so mean. Of course, you have to know her to know she is so kidding- but I think it is hilarious! She is most definitely the opposite of mean. She is so sweet. I think she is too sweet to people sometimes! She will do anything- anything you ask her to do. She is much more selfless than I am. I think Jessica is the best- and I am so lucky to have her as a best friend for 15+ years! We have so many fun-fun memories, and I am just glad we are still so close to create many, many more! Jess- I love you, and I am sorry your blog is so late! :)

Melanie (my sister-in-law) is such a fun person. I admire her so much. I have been around her since she was in middle school, and it has been fun (and interesting) to watch her grow up to become the young woman she is now. I say interesting because, with Melanie, it is always interesting. She is so unique- such her own person. She has her own, cute style, her own thoughts and ideas about everything. She has the cutest little figure, and she dresses in a way that makes her personality shine. As I am typing this- I am finding it hard to even put in to words to express her sweet uniqueness (in a very good way)! She is so much fun to be around- and that is evident because I have never seen a girl with so many friends-- You should see the size of all her birthday parties! One thing I love about Mel though is that she stays true to her beliefs. She was never really a teenager you worried about. She was (and is) very strong in her faith, and now she is a wonderful role model to so many young girls. Oh, I almost forgot-- she is a great actress! I have seen several of her plays, and I am always very impressed with her abilities!! She just might be famous some day. I am excited to see what her future holds because I know she will be great at whatever she does! Mel-I love you and your crazy self! I truly do think you're awesome! :)


  1. Thanks Kat. That was super sweet. But I do think I experienced the tattoo alone =)

  2. Thanks so much Anna! That was a super sweet message! I love you too, Anna!

  3. I was worried you didn't love me anymore! lol just kidding! Thanks so much for my blog post! I love you baby!

    PS Anna, I love how you said that you believed Jessica because of your "4th grade brain"--like you wouldn't believe her if she told you that same thing now lol

  4. Nathan I was thinking the same thing about her not believing Jessica! lol.
    Anna this was a great 3 in 1 blog--you are always so sweet to tribute your loved ones! Hope you are feeling less under the weather soon! :)

  5. Happy Birthday Nathan, Jessica, and Melanie!! :)