Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Award time!!

Hi everyone!! Have you wondered where we have been? Probably not. But just in case you have checked this blog daily only to be disappointed that there has not been a new post in three weeks, I will explain. Anna has finally moved home!! Yay!! So that is where we have been. Well....that's not exactly true. Really, that only took a weekend. We are basically just major slackers.

Anywho, on to more important things! We received an award from our friend Hillary. She has, without a doubt, one of my very favorite blogs to read. So check her out at a gal and her dog. The rules of the this award are to list seven things about yourself and then tag some others to play along! So... thank you, Hillary. Here goes my totally random list of seven things:

1. If you know me at all, you know I love Diet Coke. I love the crazy burn as it goes down. I love the taste. I even think the coke can is cute. I used to be a full blown Dr. Pepper addict. But then I discovered the definition of a calorie. I promptly switched and never looked back. (Note to blog readers who hate on my diet coke, I know that it's the "devil's drink"...yadda, yadda, yadda. But if you gave it a shot, you might just like it...or just get pregnant, then you'll love it...haha...yes, you know who you are:)

2. I once heard (on some show or something) that people who ate the same thing everyday for lunch tend to weigh less. Since hearing that, I now eat a turkey and mustard sandwich, All Bran Crackers, an apple, and maybe a 100 calorie pack almost every single day. (And I actually did lose weight!) But the crazy part: I literally look forward to this meal everyday. I love it. And in four years, I have yet to get sick of it. Yes, it's been four years.

Have the past two things been about food? Um...sorry.

3. I really love the fall. I love the weather, the colors, the clothes, the smells, the baking, the food, pumpkins, the holidays, the beautiful trees...I love it all. October is my very favorite month of the year.

4. The other day, I was watching a cartoon with the girls right before their nap. I think it might have been Super Why. I went to put them down, and then I settled back on the couch and continued to watch it for ten minutes. I needed to see how it ended. This was a sad moment for me.

5. I used to be a night owl (somewhat). I stayed up until at least midnight most nights. I cannot even fathom staying up that late now. We are usually in bed by 9:45. I also was SO not a morning person. And now I adore my mornings. I guess two kids will do that to you. Coffee has become a dear friend of mine.

6. Every time a thunderstorm rolls through when I am sleeping, I almost always sit straight up in bed, scared to death. Not because of the storm, but because I think someone is outside of my window taking pictures. I cannot even begin to tell you how many times Patrick has had to tell me it was just lightening.

7. I always check my mirrors when getting in my car, just like they teach you in driving school. I can't even pull out of my driveway without every mirror being perfectly adjusted. Right now, one of my side mirrors is broken. I have to roll down the window and lean over to correct it. And I do it every time.

Okay, now I tag whoever wants to play along. Have a good week!!


  1. Great post! Diet Coke is my bff, I eat the same thing for lunch everyday-- much like yours except (of course for reasons I cannot say on here) I substitute Wheat Thins for All Bran crackers, I used to be a night owl- now I adore mornings (except when I am waking only to go to work at 7:20), and of course- October is my FAVORITE month! Halloween, pumpkins, leaves, I just LOVE LOVE IT.... gosh we are so much alike! haha.. Although- I don't think I knew that about you and the lightening! HAHAHA!! That is just funny!
    Thanks Hilary for the award! Your blog is amazing!

  2. Thanks for playing along! Love your list, and I'm so glad you have Anna back home. Hannah and Hope are gone for the summer, so we're all bumming, but they'll be home soon enough.

    October is my very favorite too, mostly because that's when my birthday is!

  3. OK....I laughed out loud at the lightening comment...and for a long time.